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2007-02-19, 12:32 p.m.

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So apparently the notifylist stopped working and nobody said anything about it to me and I can't find anything about it. Grrr. Have now replaced with TinyLetter.

"I watched the first episode on, but they didnt have any more so I went to iTunes and downloaded the entire fifteen-episode season so far. Its a damn good thing I dont drink or do drugs because my ability to say, No, really, thats enough, is non-existant.
Anyway, it takes time to watch fifteen forty-three minute TV shows (you do the math, im an English major) so all I got done today was..." -Jennifer Crusie.

I hate people. I decided this weekend I was going to avoid people and watch television. I even told Mom multiple times, "No, I will NOT CALL YOU TOMORROW."

So, I kept to myself. I worked out for a few hours a day, and I went to see Music and Lyrics (80's dorks will love it), and I did laundry, did some knitting, wrote some book reviews, but that was it. Every other moment I was catching up on a fucking month's worth of television. Mostly watching all the shows I downloaded on iTunes. I'm now almost all caught up on Supernatural, Dresden Files, Battlestar, and Psych. Huzzah.

I also watched some free pilots I'd downloaded.

* Breaking Bonaduce (opener of season 2)- Honestly, it's like there is no way on this earth to get this guy to be non-batshit-crazy, even if he stayed off of substances and only took tons of legal medications. And while god knows I heart trainwrecks and am one myself, the fact that this show even exists, and continues to exist, is pretty horrible. I very much pity his wife and children and cannot believe marriage to him has lasted this long. He'll probably OD someday and I suspect people will mostly be relieved.

* Top Design- Wow, is that ever ripping off Project Runway. Only Todd as the new Tim reminds me way too much of Mayberry. The backbiting between one team in particular was a "Damn, boys" moment, and I couldn't believe they weren't immediately booted. But still, it was mildly interesting enough to download a few more episodes, because god only knows when PR will be back on.

* Friday Night Lights- I did not want to like this show. I am a California hippie. I don't watch sports on television (if I'm there in person, sure, but I hate trying to follow games on a small screen). No matter how many times people said, "No, it's really good!," I was all, "But duuuuude, I don't want to freaking watch a football show."
*sigh* It is that good. Despite the Texas and football. I am downloading like 14 episodes of it on iTunes right now.

I have to say, there's nothing like watching other people's problems on television for almost all freaking day to make you feel better, calmer, less irritated. Then you're all, "Hey, at least I'm not:

* possessed by a demon
* speed-dating
* fighting with some irritating git about how to design an "inner sanctum"
* trying to outrace Rahb and Ambah
* totally batshit crazy
* dealing with racist cops
* getting hit on because of a bet
* saying, "Look, this doctor is totally killing people!" and having everyone ignore me
* on trial for killing my one-night stand.
* arrested
* getting a drilling but no filling"

So, television makes everything look better. Huzzah!

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