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Back In Time (Late Updates)

2016-10-08, 1:49 p.m.

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So apparently the notifylist stopped working and nobody said anything about it to me and I can't find anything about it. Grrr. Have now replaced with TinyLetter.

My summer has been super crazy busy and fall is being similar. I am going to be posting entries from months ago in an attempt to catch up before say, December. Or for that matter, November. So pardon me as I go back in time... Some of these may be incredibly sketchy because I took notes at the time but don't remember that much of the details--especially in the improv class recaps. Sorry about that. I got as far as taking notes but not as far as writing them up more "in the moment." I used to write up my improv notes while having to work at the front counter and I stopped doing that--and for that matter, having much free time--and so I got sketchy.

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