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2006-12-09, 3:58 p.m.

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So apparently the notifylist stopped working and nobody said anything about it to me and I can't find anything about it. Grrr. Have now replaced with TinyLetter.

Friday night was the Craft Center auction/party. As per usual, everyone there got really, really, really sick of having dessert-only food. I got burned out on sugar way early, and was ridiculously excited when someone brought (sugar-covered, I think) apples in later. "OMG, HEALTHY FOOD!" Sometime next year I should really remember to say something to the managers about how "can we at least bring in appetizer food as well as dessert to this?" That dessert ends up being everyone's dinner, and it's kind of an icky dinner. Plus it leads to the manager saying something that you NEVER normally hear at the CC: "Please, TAKE YOUR DESSERTS HOME."

Anyway, all of my stuff that I donated this year sold- I was having my doubts. It's kind of funny how stuff I put up for sale at Whole Earth that never sold, sells when it's put up at the CC, even the iffier pieces. The (itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny) sweater I put up didn't get any bids beforehand, which didn't surprise me. For one, it should probably fit someone who's a size 2, and for two, it's frigging pink. (Sometimes I wish I wasn't the only psuedo-adult in the world who still liked girly colors.) Had I deliberately made a sweater for auction, it would have been (a) bigger, and (b) blue or something. Anyway, in the auction it went for $11. I probably paid something like $40 for the yarn to make it, so... yeah, that's a bit ouch. (The manager running the auction made some public comments about how she was surprised nobody'd bid on it and it should have gone for more.) But on the other hand, at least it sold for something and went to a good home instead of hanging around my house, and that's the important thing.

As for stuff I bought myself, I got this:

Pretty cool, huh? I was talking to Ian about our purchases made (he got a funky glass bottle) and he said that was pretty fitting for me, so I could in a sense be at the CC all the time. Plus I got it for cheap, which on my end is always nice.

I wanted to go to some other art shows after the CC auction ended, but it's a rainy-ass weekend here, which means I'm automatically disinclined to leave the house, so that didn't happen. Oh well, probably saved me some more money spent anyway.

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