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New Year's Rainstorm

2006-01-01, 9:56 a.m.

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Remember all of that rain that we were supposed to get for New Year's Eve? Got it today. Whee. Very scary driving over here.

There's not a lot to say about the day. Dad was pretty much unresponsive again today and Mom freaked again, but didn't cry. Mauricio offered last night to come along with us on the drive before he went to work, and then the girlfriend wanted to come along to supposedly go to the outlets. (Later, she said she didn't have to go to the outlets because she was broke and a check hadn't come in. This was...kind of strange.) They were all helpful in hauling in all of my crap, so that was good.

And now I'm back home. I unpacked, and put away the food, and cleaned, and even vacuumed. Yay for me being responsible for once in my life. Mom called later to cry at me again ("I just feel guilty that we haven't spent much time with your dad, and he might not have much time left"), and bitch that she'd wanted to talk to M without the girlfriend around. Whee, more drama.

And I am worried about my arms. Despite not having done much with them for a few days (and I stopped knitting), I feel like I've got a case of tendonitis flareup or some such shit. Very worrying since tomorrow I go back to typing all day long every day. I actually went so far as to pick up Advil (I hate Advil) for inflammation and to make myself take the stuff, Just In Case. A doctor I didn't like much years ago told me to do that in this situation, and I want to be paranoid.

Since I hardly have anything to post for today, I'm just going to pimp the NILTOY forums. Anyone who wants to write a novel the slow way, hop on this train!

(Course, have I done much on this today? Uh, nope...and argh, I have to have a writing prompt for the new writers group done like, TOMORROW. I hate being out of touch online for days. Oh well, at least I'll be caught up on Holidailies in a day or two.)

And with the end of the holidays, we have the end of the Holiday Stress-O-Meter. At least it didn't get higher than a 5 this year.

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