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2008-01-01, 11:01 a.m.

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I would have liked to have ended Holidailies on yesterday's note, but...oh, wait, this runs 32 days. Oh well. I'm a completionist, so there you go.

Yesterday we went out with M again to Macaroni Grill for lunch (NO LINE!), where we found out something interesting about the bathrooms. Which is to say, I went into the ladies' and when I turned to leave, found that the sign announced that this was a men's room. Well, considering that there were no urinals in there, I had my doubts. But I went back out and announced my findings to everyone else, who of course had to go check for themselves, and then ask the bartender.

The explanation began with, "Well, at the original Macaroni Grill, the painters were drunk..." and put the signs on wrong. The solution was to flip the doors open and put signs on them...and now ALL MG bathrooms have confusing doors.

Between that and going to Red Tractor the night before and finding out that they have disturbing barnyard noises going on in the bathroom, it made me wonder about the bathrooms in Dublin....

As if we hadn't done enough book shopping yet, we went over to Barnes and Noble to look for books we couldn't find at Borders. Sure enough, I found not one, but TWO books (and a crochet calendar) that I couldn't find elsewhere. I am afraid to check my bank balance any more. Sorta-NYR for January: TRY NOT TO GO GODDAMNED SHOPPING. (However, this isn't going to work, because M now wants to go to Nevada City...this coming weekend. Huh?)

Then we went to the movies. All December I have wanted to see Sweeney Todd and Walk Hard, but I got outvoted. Ended up seeing The Great Debaters, which is not bad, though the whole union storyline in it scared me. (I was not expecting to watch lynching in a movie about a debate team, you know?) Then Mom wanted to see P.S. I Love You, which I was adamantly against seeing at this time of our lives for obvious reasons.

That fucking movie made ME cry. Argh. I cried twice in December. Suck.

To be fair, it didn't suck the way I thought it would (though really, they should NOT have started the movie by making us watch a screaming fight for 15 minutes. They could have just started it at the end of the argument and we would have figured it out, plus the screaming was unpleasant). James Marsters and Nellie McKay are in it, so I was pleased on that score. And I have to give them credit for not doing what I thought they were going to do with Harry Connick Jr.'s character. Though really, him playing that particular character was...just kinda weird and wrong. I do not think of HCJ as a awkward, tactless dude with Asperger's (they don't say he's got it, but they imply he has something like that), and it was not a good fit for him.

But still...I ended up crying. Not 3-hour crying jag crying, but still. Stupid fucking movie.

I would have liked to have spent midnight in the movies, but that was not to be. We went home (without M, who had other plans) and ate more fondue and watched some of Mom's infinite new movie stash, and unfortunately the last movie wound up just in time to watch the ball drop, which I didn't want to do. I pretty much went to bed right after midnight. Lame. I'd like to say, "hey, next year I want to do something more interesting than that," but I've given up on having a fun NYE ever again.

And now, here I am. I get to pack up all my crap today, whee. I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to go back to work tomorrow after staggering home late, as I am wont to do. I'm pondering "calling in sick," but anyone who does that on that day is gonna get looked at real funny, so I doubt I will. I think I will flake out on going to my writer's group meeting that night, though. The odds of me getting ahold of my usual ride at the last minute to see if he's going aren't great, since it usually takes me a few days to hear back from him about it. And I haven't read anyone's pieces yet either. I think I just want to cop a squat for a few days (before everyone "presumably" shows up at my place again this weekend...I suspect flaking will occur, though) and get some peace and quiet.

And work on figuring out NYR's. That begins tomorrow. *gulp* I hope I don't flake out on that. It's too easy to flake once activities start up again, isn't it?

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