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2009-01-01, 12:37 p.m.

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I do not look forward to having to go home today (I have to work tomorrow...which is so stupid), but I do look forward to getting online with my own machine or two and getting some of my pictures taken this holiday season online. Since Holidailies goes so late this year, I will get to show you some awesome things. Including the best house tour ever. Y'all will be DROOLING with the awesomeness.

But, alas, you shall have to wait until the weekend. Oddly enough, I look forward to this weekend because I don't have much going on other than a writers' group meeting and I plan on doing things like I started this sweater a few days ago and it is going amazingly fast, I have the top pieces made and am on to the sleeves. I am hoping to have it done by February to show off at the conference or something.

Yesterday I went into SF to hang out with Jackie, as we are wont to do at this time of year. Hit the fancy stores, had lunch in the Neiman Marcus rotunda (oh, how I wish I could show you pics, but I can't download/upload anything till I get home and get some time...). I got a few calendars and a book, and some silly toys at Urban Outfitters. I do like that store, it's kinda wacky. She also got me Tim Gunn's autograph for Christmas- how cool is that?! She met him fairly recently and had a wonderful experience doing it. So jealous, of course.

Had a wacky time on BART going into the city. First off, some little white boy gang member with his spiderweb tat got on in, yeah, that's not exactly badass territory. Then he was on the phone, repeatedly saying, "How'd you know I was in jail? Now everyone on BART is staring at me." Uh, you're the one talking about jail on the phone loudly, bud. Happily, he got off pretty fast, only to be replaced in dramaville by some black guys talking about women, and then they got interrupted by some "sassy" 23-year-old white girl and they all got into an amusing argument and sassing and "don't make me make you look stupid on BART" conversation. I wished I had a tape recorder. My neighbor was cracking up too.

I get nervous going into SF, being a weirdness magnet. I am just happy nobody singled ME out for attention on BART, though!

Did have a weird night, though, because when Mom and Mauricio (she was dropping him off at a party so he wouldn't drunk drive) picked me up at BART, some guy asked if we had any jumper cables because his car had just died. We couldn't get his car working, but Mom donated her AAA pickup points (or whatever you call that to call for a tow) and we ended up waiting an hour to get the guy's car running. I kept waiting around for the local "six degrees of separation" to kick in, because Mom knows everyone...sure enough, she knew the guy's neighbor. I am just happy we had M along, and that nothing bad happened and it wasn't a scheme to carjack us or something. (BART makes me nervous that way.)

As for actual NYE time, it was duller than usual. Meh. Oh well, at least the DAY was interesting.

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