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2010-01-01, 9:35 a.m.

So, went to SF yesterday (again). Ate at Pinocchio's in North Beach, which I would highly recommend, plus definitely more food for the buck there than our usual NYE dining location at Neiman-Marcus. Also went to the Golden Gate Bakery, which was miraculously open and Jackie even managed to snag one of the rumored custard tarts. I had a yummy lemon roll thing.

We went shopping, but I didn't buy anything. Sigh. Very annoying when in Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite random knicknack stores AND I found a journal in there that I want to boot. And I could have gotten this year's knitting and crochet calendars for half off and DIDN'T GET THEM. Maybe I should just keep a list of everything I wanted to buy and didn't. There sure as hell isn't any emotional reward whatsofuckingever for NOT buying what you want in order to save money, is there? No reward at all except for having slightly more money if/when you get canned in the future....

Actually, there's really no reward at all for this sort of thing, because even if I spend all day long in SF NOT BUYING STUFF, odds are extremely high that I'll have used it all up and then go crazy buying stuff the next time I have an opportunity to do so. Dammit.

Anyway...Jackie got me a Snugglie for Christmas. This cracks me up no end. Yes, I know it's "not cool" and "don't you know how to use a blanket?", but speaking as someone who uh, LIKES TO USE HER ARMS, this sort of thing seems useful to me.

Oh, and I told her about yesterday's card reading and she was all, "Can cards be wrong? Because that does not sound like you." Yeah...

Then we went to the movies with Mom's various friends AND her friend Pat's various friends. Blind Side again, followed by It's Complicated. My thoughts on the latter are:
(a) Meryl Streep is hilarious when stoned.
(b) Alec Baldwin is crazy hilarious. He's SO the next Shatner.
(c) Steve Martin made me laugh ONCE. Dude is just not funny any more and playing the "bashful nerd" role that anyone could do. Sigh. I know you're supposed to root for him to get her, but man, I didn't really care, even if he is slightly more fun when stoned himself. I dunno if I rooted for the exes to reunite or not, but I definitely feel no enthusiasm for Steve Martin any more. Man, what happened to him.

We got out just before midnight...sigh, I like to get out after midnight and ignore the whole thing. The ladies that went along with us said that this was better than going to the usual events because they were all for couples. True that.

Now I am attempting to watch the Tournament of Roses parade, for as long as I'm going to be allowed because Mom is INSISTING on going to Monterey ASAP (geez, what's even open?) today.

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