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2018-01-01, 6:12 p.m.

Hm, I don’t have that much to say right now for the last Holidailies entry. We didn’t do an enormous lot. I spent the day (and the night before) very painfully trying to set up another email box because I am going to be forced to do Facebook for this show and I need to set up an account that certain nosy parker coworkers may not find. This turned out to be agonizing to do: both to set up the subaccount, to get access to the damn thing, to get it to send with the name I put on it, and to get it to forward to my regular box so I don’t have to always be checking the new email, and finally, to get those emails to filter into a separate box so I don’t constantly have to read every damn Facebook e-mail in my regular box. Seriously, this must have taken like 12 hours. That was about my day.

(As for sucking it up and making the FB account...I will do it tomorrow. Teh agony.)

As for the night, we walked around the beach for a while, had dinner, started playing the Transformation Game again for a bit, and later hung out by the fireplace telling stories (and working on projects) until midnight, then we went out on the street to make noise and hang out with the neighbor.

This morning, well...Meg and her husband got up early to do some baking, let the dog out, and the dog immediately ran into a skunk again. At some point I got up to pee, unaware of this, and saw Meg in...not a lot. And woke up to the smell of burning. Not skunk, because they were up in the wee small hours bathing the dog, but they did light a lot of candles. So 2018’s been a great year so far for the dog...let’s hope it is not an omen.

But after that, we went hiking around the Poganip park for a few hours and ran into people they knew and various dogs. Then we went home and I finished up the sweater I’m working on and another pussy hat, followed by more Transformation Game. Sadly, I am nearly done and still not feeling like I’ve got an answer to the eternal question (42, right?!).

Anyway...not much to say to finish out today but I wanted to get this up before Holidailies ends. See y’all next year!

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