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Parade Float On Fire

2019-01-01, 11:21 a.m.

I did nothing for New Year’s and went to bed at 10:30 since I was alone and there was no point in staying up to celebrate a year I am dreading. I do not like this but am going to have to accept it, I think. I had a bunch of weird dreams in the morning about stuff like half of my office (but not me) being allowed to go to Australia for six months and my grandboss telling me that I could go as long as I knew so-and-so and had contacts, and I said I didn’t and she looked very disappointed in me. So, stuff like that. Whee.

I did get up to watch the Rose Parade alone. I really missed watching it in the Bay Area at my mom's because there is a random channel there that shows the entire thing in full 2.5 hours without the damn Today Show hosts. I was forced to watch the Today Show, which only showed it for an hour and a half and I was rolling my eyes at Al Roker and Whoever. While I was pleased to see that a total nerd girl was elected Rose Queen and she even wore her glasses on the parade float(!!!) (and it turns out she's Jewish and LGBTQ to boot), there was a FIRE on one of the floats and NBC did not show it at all. Very disappointing. Instead I had to watch Al and Whoever try to figure out how to cheerfully kill time until the broadcast cut off at 10, so we missed the end of the show. Ugh. I am only getting two network broadcast channels over antenna right now (I can watch all the MeTV and home shopping I want, which unfortunately is none) so I was stuck with the Today people because I can’t get ABC any more. Sigh. But that was still better than not getting to see it last year, at least. I had more fun last year, but I still missed the parade. And I was amused by Al being all, "I can't say it was the best parade ever, but it was the most interesting..."

Anyway: this is the last post anyone’s gonna read for the next eleven months, so I’ll say farewell. See you next Holidailies when the same sort of stupid drama will be happening again next December and all the Decembers to come, sigh. I wish things would be different, but somehow I don't enjoy the process of trying to change and just wish I could skip ahead, and I can't. Been trying to figure out how to get myself to for so many years and I just never get anywhere. The Resistance screams me down every time.

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