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2008-01-02, 4:49 p.m.

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Hey, look! It's a non-Holidailies day and I'm updating! What the smack is that?

It's a totally whiny entry though, so feel free to skip.

Mom started crying (big surprise) at the idea of taking me home yesterday. I wasn't too much in the mood to come back here and go back to the daily grind myself.

Anyway, I realized that...dum dum dum....the anniversary of Dad's death is during the 3-day weekend.

So guess what I'm doing for it.

You know, last year we thought, "Hey, January's a suck month anyway, we might as well have Dad die during it!" Perfectly logical, plus last year the 3-day weekend came before The Big D-Day. What did not occur to anyone at the time was that...well, shoot, looks like The Anniversary's going to be during the next two three-day weekends in January, i.e. The Only Few Days In January That Normally Do Not Suck. So much for that. I guess it's good for Mom 'cause she won't be sobbing at work this go-round (though 2009 may be a problem, she doesn't get MLK Day off due to working for accountants), but still.

I am once again trying to talk her into Going Somewhere Else on the day. I don't care if she just stays at my place for 3 days if it keeps the sad to a minimum. (Oddly enough, she was quite well behaved last night at my house and even ate dinner over there without yelling at me once. Flabbergasting.) She sounded amenable to the idea, so we shall see.

Oh, speaking of trips: no Nevada City trip this weekend after all, due to horrendous weather and M spraining his knee on NYE. I am relieved. If the weather's gonna suck, odds are I'm staying in all weekend.

I spent all last night unpacking/cleaning/reorganizing bookshelves/reorganizing the jewelry armoire. I am now pondering adding to my eventual list of NYR's to "not be as much of a goddamned pack rat as my mother is," but this would be assuming I find the time to purge some crap once in a while. Unless it's getting rid of books, which I have a periodic way to get rid of via my writer friends once a quarter or so, or I finally hit my limit and put a box o' free crap outside (this does not work in rainy weather), I don't do it too often. It's kind of hard to haul a box of say, clothes down to whatever stores take used clothes without a car, and getting Mom's assistance on the car issue means that she starts digging through them and saying everything's too cute to get rid of even if it no longer fits.

I did manage to get rid of some crappy dishes I've had sitting around the kitchen for years (leftovers from old roommates, I do NOT know what they are even used for) last night, though, so whoopee.

I did not call in sick to work, though I wanted to.

Things that suck about going back to work, #1: finding out that your boss is taking the entire rest of the week off.

Things that suck about going back to work, #2: having a coworker happily PERK her way into my hidden cube area and cheerfully twitter about how wonderful it is to be back. Do not show up in my space at 8:45 a.m. the day after vacation ends and expect me to also be bouncy.

Well, at least I got paid, so there's that.

Hah, this post kinda sums up my NYR dilemma.

I realized that my usual crazy scheduling starts up "officially" on the 22nd, after the 3-day weekend. Which is to say that every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday all quarter will be late-nighters, and at least a few Mondays in there (possibly 80% of them, but I'm thinking of dropping one of the 2 CC classes I'm pondering taking that night) as well will be too. UGH. Somehow I never realize that there's four weeknights in a week, and with one of them permanently booked as a long night, and another one half the time booked as a long night, adding on yet another long night or two in the week makes for a lot of crap going on.

Um, yeah.

Anyway, thinking about it, it looks like if I want to have time to think about what to do about NYR's, I'd better finish up the process by the 18th. Or even better, the 13th.

Which is to say, I am booking an appointment with Lynn Hayes on that date for an astrological consultation about goals. (Oh, come on, you knew I was a hippie.) I am pretty excited about it. I just hope I come up with something to SAY for my "homework." I was scared about setting a date for this- well, I'm STILL scared!- but at least with a deadline set by someone else I'm less likely to go "aw, fuck it" and flake.

I think I might need to seriously closet myself up at least this weekend to work on this. Unfortunately I've already got "hey, let's get together ASAP!" e-mail going on...aiee. I knew that was going to happen after I did a disappearing act from all of my friends for a week and a half. Well, supposedly it's just a movie, so that can't take all day and night, right? Right?! Especially if it starts at midnight...

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