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Rose Parade Day

2012-01-02, 6:44 p.m.

I am back. I actually got back last night, because despite not having to slog back on New Year's Day so I could go back to work the next day, Mom elected to anyway so she could get back to the fridge with all of the leftovers from Christmas dinner. We brought Mauricio along.

I will be posting entries and pics from my Disneyland trip as soon as I get all the dang photos dealt with, so I'll be backtracking a bit in this journal for the time being. I'll also get around to posting the same old New Year's meme that everyone else does AND talk about the whole "am I going to move or not now?" problem. I just want to get one entry back on Holidailies again ASAP here.

Did you know the Rose Parade doesn't air on Sundays because of a promise made about annoying horses at church? What? Anyway, it was rather irritating that I went to bed at 2 a.m. (for no good reason, really) the night before and kept waking up to check if the parade was on... and yeah, it wasn't, I could have slept in. And as per my usual, I couldn't get back to sleep for shit because if I wake up any time after 5 a.m. I usually can't. Grr.

As for today (yay for day off), I made everyone who came to my house last night wake up to watch the Rose Parade at 8. I didn't like waking up that early on a day off again either, but what with Mauricio snoring in the next room I got woken up before the alarm anyway. Actually we ended up doing jack shit today beyond watching the Rose Parade and the movie Fletch because most of the day they both passed out asleep again. I wish I could. I can't nap for shit 98% of the time and today is not that 2%.

I am a stickler for watching the Rose Parade--I pretty much forget about whatever Disney one they do at Christmas is, and I only get to see as much of the Thanksgiving parade as the relatives will let me watch--because of the handcraftiness of it. I love that they do these insanely inventive things with rose petals. I wish I could get in to work on a float, even. (Well, maybe someday.) However, the thing about watching it at my house rather than my mom's is:
(a) No TV in my bedroom any more (stopped doing that years ago), so no watching the parade in bed.
(b) In addition to NBC and ABC carrying it, some other less popular channel in the Bay Area runs the KTLA version in its entirety, so the parade goes for 2.5-3 hours long and shows everything-- and then they rerun again. So normally I can wake up, watch whatever part of it is on, and be on for round 2 airing. Not so much here.
(c) Since I am cheap and use antenna TV, and ABC is taking a shit today receptionwise (though to be fair, I have Tiny Tacky Trees still blocking the antenna and that might have something to do with it), we were all forced to watch the NBC version, which Mom loathes. After it finished, she insisted on finding the KTLA videos online. Which is what they were all watching until they fell asleep.

Other than that, Mom and M cleared out at 6:30, so here I am uploading 1200+ pictures tonight. Hoo boy.

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