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Life In Hell

2014-01-02, 5:48 p.m.

Holidailies is over, vacation is over, and here I am back in my real life again. I was hoping today would be relatively stressfree and quiet. HAHAHAHANOOOOOOOOOO. It was not quiet AT ALL. It was like the hounds were loosed. I had an avalanche of work to do from vacation that I am still not done with. We had to be on the phones all day. Happily, I didn't get any angry calls and only a couple of "dear god, I have no idea" calls, but literally during the lunch hour it was ringing every ten seconds, and only for me. My boss was trying to ask me if I was going to go to lunch, but I literally couldn't answer her because the phone would not stop ringing. And someone else wanted something expensively and immediately and then proceeded to wish and wash and change his mind a lot, after the "too late, probably can't change it now" point. He may get lucky because I was dealing with his order during the time when the other coast is closed up, but I feel sorry for the folks who will get all of my "never mind....never mind...never mind AGAIN" messages tomorrow morning while I am hopefully still asleep. And some other thing went deeply wrong and I don't even know where to start with that problem.

Kill me now.

I am home getting drunk on chocolate wine again, something I will probably be doing every single day they make me be on the phones throughout the winter. So, three days a week.

As the eternally long day went on, I kept remembering everything I don't like about this job, because it kept on creeping back. I just want some damn QUIET to finish things, and I can't get that.

I cannot wait for Community to come on tonight. That is the one good thing to look forward to today. Well, that and the chocolate wine. Also, how about that Chris Kluwe calling out, eh? Damn, dude. I think you need to be my new celebrity crush, though I feel horrible about having those on the married and taken so probably not. But seriously, dude has a giant pair on him. Good luck with that.

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