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Someone Else Got A Boyfriend

2019-01-02, 10:08 p.m.

Hah, I didn't think I was going to update tonight, but here you go!

Work was not slow (sigh) but not as nuts as it will be next week when everyone is back. Mostly the problem was that of course almost every single person on my team called out except for me, the call center manager and one other interim manager. The call center manager was not happy and was begging me to come in tomorrow. I said I would unless disaster struck.

I am still not on phones this week but who knows come next week if nobody is ever there. I spent the day trying to do other people's workloads before my own, at least.

And now we are done with work talk!

I went to writer's group meeting today and found out that my friend Melinda has a new younger Egyptian boyfriend she met online. Oh dear lord, you never saw this woman being so cute and giggling in her LIFE. I don't know how they're gonna work out the details--she can't move there because of divorce/handicapped kids, I don't think he's loving living in Dubai but uh, Trumpland here--but we'll see how it goes and I am wishing her well on working that out somehow.

This led to us having a discussion of religion after writer's group ended, and I was all "Yeah, never actually had an INTELLECTUAL conversation in a cafe before despite all my years of college...and this was brought on by boy talk." Hilarious. Not to mention discussions of praying to God, making a list for a dude and why this works for everyone but me, etc. ("Maybe you made the wrong list." Perhaps. I just think either it's not meant for me or it isn't until much later in life at this point.)

I may hang out with her this weekend, depending on her boy-talking schedule. We'll see!

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