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I Finished My Bathroom Book For The Year

2020-01-02, 9:24 a.m.

Now Holidailies is over and back to nobody reading this! Hm, what shall I say now?

I went to Meg’s on the afternoon of the 31st and had a great time just hanging out and crafting. I introduced her to Baby Yoda via YouTube and the Baby Yoda Army in person, and now she wants one, but she may want to make her own, we’ll see. She is working on other stuff as well. I started on Scott’s project, which so far everyone finds adorable and is going well. “I think it’s great that you’re making a doll for your boyfriend,” is how Meg said it. I was all, uh....not my boyfriend, I just wish... She thinks he’s worth waiting for, from what she’s heard about him.

At Meg’s, random folks drop by, including some people just walking down the street liking their lights, so they came in to chat. Nice people. Another lady dropped off fudge.

I found out that while I was driving here, some lady called Meg about her daughter, wanting Meg to take the daughter in at her house for a week. The daughter is a distressed former student in a bad relationship and with a lot of issues, who was supposed to arrive on the afternoon of January 1, so she’d be there almost the entire time I am.

I...privately had reservations about this since the last time I was here and she had someone in distress staying here, it didn’t end well. Well, I mean, the brief time I spent with the girl was fine and she seemed nice, but holy shit has that girl gone extremely downhill since I last saw her, and she sounds really, really mentally ill and has gotten vicious towards Meg. This makes me sad. I kind of have been having flashbacks to dealing with my last ex’s friends (who were all nice but ah...really dumb and making very poor life choices that made you want to cry), and the guy I knew who got murdered., and Merry’s husband, and my ex friend and her now husband, The Compulsive Liar...Well, I’ll just leave it as, sometimes trying to help people just isn’t going to work if they don’t really want it/want to change.

Anyway, I was having A Bad Feeling About This (and on top of that, I thought it was weird that the girl was not at all talking to Meg directly, Meg didn’t have her contact info, etc.), and in the end, the girl did not show up and never called back or said anything. Meg seems pretty unfazed at this, along the lines of “well, up to her if she decides to come or not, at least I had the room ready,” but I admit privately that I am relieved. I wasn’t having a good feeling about this one.

As for NYE, we just hung out and chatted and crafted and drank and whatnot at the house. I wonder what Scott did last night, if the whole gang was together without me, if I was missed. I did get a HYN text from Robert late at night, which makes me wonder. Oh well. I need to keep on holding back and not saying anything and not being Too Much or Too Forward or scaring him off or pressuring him until further notice, sigh. I will have to mostly disappear this winter season since I won’t have any excuse to see him other than karaoke most of the time. Sigh. I don’t like this, but you have to go with the energy of life and it’s not bringing us together, now is it? Also read a bunch of articles today on (all of these limit clicks) The Angst Of Starting Dating During The Holidays and It’s Too Much On NYE and Whether Or Not To Gift In A New Relationship, Nobody Knows And It's Awful (once again, I feel shame), so....

That said, I admit that I talked to Meg about this topic and she seems in favor of us dating should it ever go on, and I said at one point I wish they could meet and she was all, “I will at your wedding!” and I was all, yeah, I think that’s a bit too soon here... But from what she’s heard, she likes him already. Go figure.

On NYD, we went to a party being thrown by a friend of Meg’s in Boulder Creek, so I met some new folks and ran into some of her other friends I know from pet sitting. The food was delicious. I’m not normally into polenta or persimmons, but this lady made those work. Yum.

Meg has also been gifted with some object she doesn’t know the name of, but you can email photos to this device and it shows them on a 24 hour perpetual slideshow. She wanted me to send her some pics, so on request I’ve sent her my various shots of me in costume for the last play and all the times my friends and I dressed up. It’s very odd when I come up instead of her grandchildren. Also, the thing doesn’t turn off, or while it has an off button, it has motion detecting and turns itself on when any human is in the vicinity. I suggested treating it like a birdcage and putting something over it to keep the thing dark, which worked.

I have written down some amusing quotes from the last 24 hours, just for kicks.

Stephen has an announcement: “Well, I finished my bathroom book for the year.”

After Meg says she wouldn’t change their son Ian, Stephen said, “I’d change him. He’s too much like me.”

Meg on my making a present for Scott: “I think it’s kinda neat you’re making a doll for your boyfriend.” Uh.....

Meg on this girl’s boyfriend issues: “I always want to blame the asshole.”

Meg on cremation and ceramics: “I actually think I’d make a great glaze.”

Meg on her sister in law that she’s currently mad at: “I don’t want her at my funeral.”

Meg and Stephen after I read them an article about ghosting someone in mid date by walking out: “We ghosted Jim because he wouldn’t give his mother food or water....” (Total horror story ensued, this was not a case of the mother wanting to die, authorities were called, best friendship ended forever....)

The couple that got married that I pet sat for the parents for were at this party and came up in conversation because she’s from Australia and I guess is still having green card issues. Stephen suggested writing a letter of support for the relationship: “I’ve known him since he was two and only true love would mean that someone wants to stay with him this long.”

Stephen on the same guy: “He and Ian would fix cars together, which meant that Ben would kibbutz and Ian would fix the car.”

Stephen on running into a friend while they were both with others in the emergency room: “So we got to talking and we ignored the little boy who was in pain, and Meg who was in pain....”

Lady I met at the party said to me, “I have to rabbit.”
Me: “I got excited until I figured out that meant you had to leave.” (I assumed she was just announcing she has a rabbit....there were several rabbit things in the house we were in.)

Guy I met at the party who is a neighbor: “Look for the place where the poor white trash live.”

The “rabbit” lady upon finding out that “poor white trash” guy is a musician of some local renown: “FUCK ME!”

Meg about her early on love life: “I was wrong about so many things.”

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