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All Day Rehearsal

2022-01-02, 12:44 p.m.

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All day long rehearsal day: afternoon was cue to cue (i.e. assigning set changes), night time was rehearsal with props only, plus lighting/orchestra.

I didn't get too many set changes--I wasn't assigned to Max's office, hahah, so that's most of 'em, I do a few things here and there otherwise. That'll be nice.

The theater bought us all pizza for dinner (Scott went elsewhere for that), which was nice. Just hung out from 4:30-ish to 6:30-ish that way.

Covid watch: Jean (costumes) was back, Evan was not--apparently taking another quarantine day. Jean said she never felt sick in the first place. I got another costume from her--short pink shorts and short top for the audition scene (why, I dunno), purses for the knitting, a wig cap.

Generally speaking, things are going well rehearsalwise. I'm putting off the costume changes until tomorrow. I'm also not getting a microphone, THANK GAWD, I am a peon and I don't want to deal with it. I had sympathy for Sarah learning the lights tonight.

Asked about Scott's dad--he's still in the hospital, blood pressure issue thing, presumably resolving today. Don't know if anything happened after that, if he went home or whatever. He did sit by me fairly frequently.

Funny things I was able to write down in the afternoon:

We found a lizard on the stage grate and were all "oh, cute lizard, let's rescue it!" and then it turned out to be dead. Sadness.
At some point someone (Steve?) described Kimmie as she'd soon bite you as say hello to you. Hm, I, she's fierce but not mean, y'know?
Kimmie (doing props): "My mind is always in the dirty places." Also, that she and Jean admire the David statue.
Kimmie on the trash can: "Be careful with Oscar, he's in there."
Steve: "I hate the pandemic, I wanna beat the crap out of it." Hear, hear.
Steve said he was freaked out by the birds not moving. I said I was creeped out by the box of wings that's still sitting in the audience, not put on the birds yet.
Andy's T-shirt featured a cat in a suit and says, "Pardon me, are you Aaron Purr, sir?"
"Where do you want me to stick it, Steve?" -Jean (actress)
They got timers to put on the safes to look like dials, but DON'T TOUCH THEM, THEY WILL GO OFF. I would be soooooo tempted. Like "inappropriately pushed button." Arthur was. "Play with it, Arthur." -Steve
Steve: "Michael is Mr. Sanitation" (i.e. he's playing a janitor in "The King of Broadway" and thus needs to move the trash can).
Steve on the file cabinets, previously used as stateroom doors in Titanic: "The good news is that Alexis isn't pregnant any more."
Steve: "This has got to be the gayest apartment I have ever seen."
The Bavarians were referred to as "barbarians," and we liked it.
Andy (playing Franz): "I'm just walking in because all legs are broken..."
I talked to Sabrina as she was putting on her "Springtime for Hitler" evil wings outfit. She said, "This is the most offensive thing I've ever done," and called her outfit "a little Nazi ladybug." Later she said, "I just wanted to be a tap dancing Nazi and people said, whaaaaat?" LOL.
Isaiah on his stint living in NYC: "I wanted to live the Sex and the City lifestyle." Me: "Did you have Jimmy Choos?"
Kimmie is pleased that there are no kids in this show and we can swear all we like.
During the talk about the props, Alexis said about the glasses, "We drop them a lot." Kimmie: "Well, let's not."
Isaiah and Scott had to get hats and put a bottle on them and dance with them, which AIEEE SO GLAD THAT AIN'T ME. Isaiah while practicing was all "Don't look at me." Me: "STARING STARING STARING STARING." He flipped birds at me. LOL.
At one point Nate FULL ON LAID ON THE FLOOR trying to look/listen at the orchestra floor grate. Everyone's all, are you okay....? Jumping on him jokes were made (at one point Max jumps over Leo while Leo yells that Max is gonna jump on him).
Brian was there tonight watching the show and at one point I saw him and Kimmie kissing through masks and I was all AWWWWWWW to this. "It's a covid kiss," he said, and Kimmie was all "Ew, cooties!"

Back to work tomorrow, god help me. I don't look forward to wishing I was dead again by 10:05 tomorrow. I've been mostly relaxed-ish for two weeks now, sigh.

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