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2005-01-03, 8:37 p.m.

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It's January. I'm cranky.

The latest news from Jess is that they've already sold the house/in escrow (um, whatever the fuck that means- look, I don't ever plan to buy a house in my life, I have no idea on how these things work), BUT for whatever reason, there is now a chance the job will be in the town my aunt lives in/where Mike's most recent job is. Naturally I'm rooting for them to move somewhere at least is closeish (hey, at least I get to that town a few times a year), but my Murphy's Law psychic sense says they're going to LA. Either way, they want out out out of this town.

I have to admit, it kind of depresses me to hear people go on about how much this town sucks, because I rather like it. Most people can't waaaaaait to flee it and go running back to the Bay Area or southern CA where they're from- I can understand the southerners wanting to flee, but as a Bay Area brat, I never much liked it and I sure as hell don't want to move back and pay rent there. Then again, I'm from the crappy burbs and not swinging SF, and if I was from SF I might feel differently.
I get a fair amount of people around here/the Bay Area/online asking when I'm going to move, like it's expected I should have moved
on to more interesting places by now, or why I haven't moved by now. And I can't help but think, why should I move unless I can find better? I know OF better, sure, but I couldn't afford it in a billion years. And here's not a bad place to stay, all things considered. At least here I can afford to pay rent while making peanuts, and I don't have to drive, and I can walk home at 3 a.m. without incident, and I get a fair amount of discounts due to local connections. And besides that, it's a quirky liberal town. Even if I don't bike, I fit in pretty well here. I should remember this when I'm feeling jealous of someone moving to a much warmer climate.
So I guess I get offended a bit when people go on about how it sucks. It doesn't suck to everyone. Then again, there's people that probably like where I'm from, and lord knows that place never impressed me much.

God knows, I am in a whiny mood of late, and feel like I'm treading water most of the time, and I'm bored and if I'm going to have changes in my life, I'd rather they be positive ones instead of depressing, but... on a regular basis, this town has been pretty good to me. And I shouldn't whine so much about wanting somewhere more exciting or warm or whatever. Hey, I could always move back home to nursemaid Dad, and we all know how happy that'd make me.

I can't help but be amused by this January forecast today:

"There's been considerable stress in your life lately, so the change you see this month will come as a breath of fresh air." and "You have a packed ninth house, indicating that you are a little bored with life "as is", and the stimulus of a new setting would re-energize you." Of course, it's saying that because February is supposed to be a "big career month" for me (fifty bucks says nothing happens) and thus I should take a vacation right now because I could find luuuuuv. Or if I don't do that, I may also find luuuuv in a classroom setting! Evidently I'll be finding it with a chick, because all of the classes I am taking during the month will be pretty much chick-oriented. I'm sure the PITAS will be thrilled if I bring a girl home.

Anyway, I'd love to go somewhere warmer right now, but since I just got back from another Vacation From Hell, that ain't happening. If I leave anywhere this month, it's back to the parents' house to help mom clean. And speaking of, look farther down:

"Home and family will draw your attention at the full moon, January 25, plus or minus four days. This full moon may turn out to be moving day, or it may be the time you hunt for, and find, your ideal living space or a new piece of property. There are any number of possibilities at this full moon, from the taking chance to choose a new roommate to calling the painters to give your living room a fresh shot of color. Or, it may be that your parents need your attention--something may be up with one of them and you'll need to help. This full moon will oppose Neptune, the planet ruling all kinds of water, so near January 25, guard against water damage in your home or other property." NOOOOO MOOOOOOORE FLOOOOOODING!!!!

Maybe I'm just jealous because I'm kind of feeling like this Zach Braff quote, and Jess is so doing it. "Life is a series of beginnings and changes, and then there's times in your life where you're like, 'I am so due for an epiphany, I am so due for something new to happen to me, a new girl, a new job, an epiphany, somebody please send me an epiphany.'"
At the moment, there are no epiphanies, no drastic changes going on in my life that cause improvement. It's kind of "same old suck, with new suck added on." Though if you talk to Susan Miller, changes are a-comin' within a few months at least, and the birthday eclipse should drastically change things. So maybe I shouldn't bitch so much- one way or another, it sounds like lightning strikes will be coming along to fuck with me in a few months, and suddenly I'll be craving stagnation and boredom.

Okay, I'm going to try to do a list of positive things about today:

1. There's nasty weather today, but it could be worse. The rain is light, if fairly constant, and the wind isn't blowing about. Hell, I haven't even
needed to dig out the umbrella.

2. After going in person to get my various allergy drugs, I got them within 15 minutes. Which sure beats putting in for refills online the way they tell you too, and then they don't get one of them ready for two fucking weeks.

3. Mad Shitting Kitten isn't shitting as much. Heather's covered up most of his favorite places to shit, so now he's only left with behind the television as his pile place. Whenever I get a couch up here, we'll have to move the TV to the other wall and put the couch there- then theoretically he won't shit out of the box any more. Hell, Heather actually caught him using the adult litterbox the other day! Plus she sold off her aquariums (thank god), so she can afford to get a Littermaid soon and the place should be smelling a whole lot better. That and the Glade plug-in I got and cranked to full volume, anyway. For once I can stand to smell the living room.

4. Heather also paid me for the PG&E bill for since August or so, so that helps to make a nice dent in the check I had to write for all of the allergy drugs. (Over $60 every month and a half to not cough spectacularly. Gah.)

5. I've decided to add another thing to my resolutions list: to buy myself a DVD set of a favorite television series once a month. Because I keep waiting and waiting for someone to buy me my favorite shows for a present during the holidays, and it's never going to happen, and I get all sad about it. I might as well suck it up and do it myself and give myself the damn present every month. Hell, if you look in the right places you can get most of them for $40 or less anyway, and I probably spend that much on books a month- it's not completely out of my price range. So I put in orders for Buffy season 6 last night and a pre-order for Wonderfalls for February. After that, the rest of the Buffy seasons, then I shall move on to Angel, and when the Whedonverse has been bought up, I'll...oh, get Sex and the City or something.

6. Hee. I just found this on my horoscope for today:

"For January 3: Every effort you make toward preserving your health and helping others counts today. As an award-winning habit-former, you know that each positive change that is practiced and repeated could develop into another obsession. Today, you tell negative thinking to shove off, making room for empowering replacements. Both you and Pisces have learned how boring and silly it is to blame others for your disappointment. You now have the motivation to hurl bad habits and dark thoughts into deep space."

Hee. Does this thing know I was going to go to the gym today?

7. And speaking of... I did go to the gym and bought a one-month membership to see if I like it. And so far... I do! I really did. Amazing. I did a half hour of the fat burning workout on the Stairmaster and another half hour on the treadmill, got my heart rate to 170-something and burned over 250 calories. I probably could have gone a little more longer after that (I snuck up to the empty dance room and danced around a bit), but I also had to save enough energy for the walk home! And I felt good, even if my head looked like an exploding cherry. I put on the iPod, I zoned out, I watched The Real World: Philadelphia (I think) and figure skating at the same time on the TV's.

I'm pumped. I'm going back tomorrow. Heck, maybe I'll go back the rest of the week until dance class starts up again. I think I'll try to go at least twice in a week once things start up.

This is strange- this is the first time I've ever been exercising when I wasn't completely sucked and drained dry of energy. Go figure.

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