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Best House Tour Ever

2009-01-02, 10:34 p.m.

So, in the olde hometown, we have this going on every year. It is quite awesome and has a lot of lights.

You may notice that the windows of the house are decorated too.

But...who gets to go inside?! I found out this year, when ah...well, my mother has connections. So some of us got to go on a tour on December 30, led by the man himself! Non-locals may not understand just how truly awesome this is, but I'll try to let you know...

The fun of this place is the ah, hidden details you see around. For example, orange and black sports Santa:

The cats are named Pixie II (sweet kitty), Chrissy, and Noel. He said that makes him look crazy when he's calling for the cats in August.

And you gotta see some of the tree collection. There's 40 trees in the house, some of which are dressed via themes.

Kitchen tree:

BAR TREE. Yes, it's a bar tree. In the home of a deacon. Who has three bars in his house. Hee.

Daffy Duck tree:

House tree:

Train tree, out in the train room:

Down to the TOILET-themed tree in the guest bathroom!

I asked him where he got so many toilet-bathroom-themed ornaments, and he said, "I spend a lot of time in Christmas stores."

We couldn't take pictures in a few rooms due to security issues (crazy people have threatened to kill him...for doing Christmas decorations. What the heck?!), so I'll just tell you the trees I couldn't get shots of: a peacock tree (two, really, tied together), Pixie the cat's tree with mouse ornaments all over it (my favorite), a USA-themed tree for the election year, a Native American themed tree, a gambling(!) tree with dice and cards on it, a wine-themed tree, and the grand tree, which is bigger than the President's tree.

Out in the back he has various pools, birds (the latter two kinda dark in photos. They got "grandfathered in" so he's allowed to have hundreds on private property!), a train room...

and he's got his own private chapel for religious retreats in the back.

We went back the next day with Mauricio (who didn't go on the tour) to show him the outside, and ran into the deacon again on his way out. I was all, "Yup, we're back again." He asked if we'd want to go on a tour again next year and we definitely said yes to that!

I had been looking at his website earlier that day, and saw that his birthday is the day before mine. Mom told him this, and he was all, "Yup, Taurus! Stubborn, likes to shop..." and then he told me about how he'd just gone out to get more Christmas stuff at 70% off. Yes, this fellow is definitely one of my shopping tribe :)

For more pics and commentary, check out the photo album here. The pictures were taken over a couple of days, which is why they are spread about.

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