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First and Last Chance Meeting

2006-01-04, 10:32 a.m.

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Last night was the first (and possibly last) writer's group meeting for me.

Yeah, that sounds kind of funny, doesn't it? But the group leader that I arranged to get rides with found out that she is probably going to have a kid-related thing coming up in the future that will mean she wouldn't be able to make it all the way out to my burg. She could pick me up if I made it out to Sac on my own, BUT... as usual, public transport is fucky about this. If I took the train, I'd either have to leave work before the time I'm allowed (I get out at 5, train leaves at 5:02, takes fifteen minutes to get to the station) to leave work in order to catch the one that would get me there in time. And while the intercity bus would get me there on time, the last time I took said bus at night they had to call the cops to break up a gang fight. So that's totally not safe either.

I could still get a ride to the once a month eat-and-yak meeting, so I wouldn't have to drop out entirely, but... I think the writing part is going to be a loss because I'm too much of a broke idiot to drive my own car. Oh well, not the first time and won't be the last.

Anyway, it wasn't bad. Six people showed up, and we did this writing prompt about someone losing a piece of paper because your MC walked in at the wrong time, and the other guy tells your MC that "You've just killed me." Strange, but it totally worked for what I want to do for my novel. It seemed to go over pretty well, with the major critique being that I swear too much. (I was all, "Huh. I swear too much?" Then again, the character was being crabby.)

Folks were nice, and two of them are NaNo'ers, so I already knew them. And one of them thought she knew me, though I don't think I know her. (Kind of odd that the last time I went to a meeting, the same thing happened with someone else. I guess I'm distinctive-looking or something.) One dude that showed up was even around my age (I'm guessing), which I didn't expect.

And there was a lot of hanging out and yakking, which is always good.

Okay, I'd write more, but dammit, I am so zonked and tired and Brain Not Working today, and god knows I'm already quite late on posting for Holidailies as is right now.

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