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2008-01-05, 10:42 a.m.

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(For reasons that will soon become obvious, I'm posting this late. This bit was written on Friday night.)

Oh, the irony.

Remember how I was worried that the power "might" go out?

Hah. It was out. (According to PG&E, it had been out since 6:42 a.m., but it was still on when I left the house at 7:40.)

The rain had stopped, so I was all, "well, I'll just walk over there now before it starts again." But guess what...the entire street the hardware store is on was taken out.


It was frightening trying to figure out how to cross the street in pitch black dark, with tree debris all over the streets to slip on, and way too many cars trying to figure out how to cross. Downright dangerous if you weren't driving.

I had a bad fall slipping in the rain a few years ago, and sprained a ligament in my hip. So I was Very Careful walking around, thinking, "If I slip and fall this time, a car will run me OVER."

I eventually (thank gawd) found 2 flashlights and D batteries left at the Fast N' Sleazy Mart. WHEW. I was afraid I'd have to go hiking out farther to find an open Rite Aid.

Even going home was scary. Most of the downtown (not MY neighborhood though) was fine and I pondered copping a squat at Borders or a restaurant until they closed- except I figured I'd better go home before the weather got worse. I had to walk way down one of the big artery streets to find a still-lit crosswalk.

According to PG&E, "fallen wires" were the problem and there was no estimated time of a fix. I called Mom to make her surf for me, and she said they said it could be up to 72 hours.

I suppose it could be worse. I do have flashlights, finally, I have candles, enough snack food to eat, it's so cold you really don't have to worry about a lack of refrigeration, I can go a few days without showering if I have to, my (never-used and only kept for emergencies) land line still works...and theoretically I was going to hole up all weekend and make myself work on my goals.

It'd just be nice to have some overhead light to DO that in.

In other non-PG&E-related news, Mom has booked us at the Monterey Hilton for the big death anniversary weekend. Huzzah.


I mostly stayed in all day in anticipation of Big Storm #2 that was supposed to arrive...and didn't. I tried to get some cleaning done while "daylight" came through the windows.

I also worked on goal stuff. I made my list for the consultation next Sunday, and I made a list for a 3 Big Rocks ritual- I passed this one on to Merry, we may do it together on Tuesday. So hey, productivity abounds.

I went out to Steve's Pizza (after F Street got their power back) for awhile and sat around with lights on and hot food before going home. I eventually called Merry, whose power had just come back on, and I went to her place for a few hours to catch up on television for myself.

And the power was on when I came home! Huzzah!

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