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Magical Ice Hotel Wedding

2021-01-06, 7:09 p.m.

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Work: After yet another meeting in which my boss said, "I asked Other Office why we have to do" (stupid useless procedure that adds no value to anybody and causes us a lot more workload) "and they said we still have to do it," I said, you know what, it was really nice not to be raging mad for two weeks. And here it is, back again. Also, does this other office run our office? Why do we have to do what THEY say? So...yeah, pointless and stupid, as usual. I have to keep reminding myself why I do this: health insurance, the benefits of working at a giant org, seniority, and nobody else has wanted me for years so I can't get hired elsewhere. (Or blame them.) Ugh, it really does suck to go back to the usual hate parade in my head regarding work. A while back I bought these...hippie-ass remedy gummies called Pym Mood Chews to keep on hand for bad work days and/or January, and today I finally broke into them. I think it helped to chill me out some, though lord knows I still had rage moments off and on all day. I found out that all of the stuff that was supposed to be mailed in mid-December...guess what, wasn't mailed! The packages were, in fact, lost and "might" have been sent to another office! What the fucking fuck? And half my day was complaints about "where it is? Why didn't anyone notify me? Why have I not received it?" and all I can say is 'fucking LOST, because WE SUCK even if it's not our fault, it is our fault, and also, why didn't the fucking post office HOLD THE PACKAGES LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO?!

Therapy: I didn't have much to say during it and it was cut short by 40 minutes anyway because Something Came Up. That's fine. I'm off from therapy for the next two weeks so she can go home, though.

Other Activities: Claire threw another online crafting party after work and I joined her and her friend Matt (also of the Shakespeare shows, back in the day). She was doing embroidery, Matt was painting figures for "Bloodbowl," a name that amuses me no end--it's fantasy football for fantasy creatures, I gather. As for me, I decided to try to go back to my complicated cable coat project that I haven't worked on since, you guessed it, March 2020. (This would be "Unfinished Project #2.) It took me over an hour to figure out how to do one row of the thing, which should tell you what kind of pain in the assery I got myself into. I have gotten off the first page of it though, finally! And did five rows total or so before taking a break.

I was also amused that Claire said she got Twitter and half of it was interesting and half of it was terrible, and I agreed and said I won't sign up for it but I read a few people's feeds, like my favorite author, and I need to go check it later to see what stuff she put up for her birthday today--"Seanan McGuire, right?" Hahahaha, yes, I kinda figured she'd know who I meant!

Tonight's viewing:

Tonight's Viewing: "Winter Castle," a Hallmark movie involving the words "magical ice hotel wedding."
Jenny is a children's book editor who wants to write books, but so far her work won't let her.
"We want to get married at THE ICE HOTEL." In a month! The bride's sister, Jenny, of course wants to write a book about the ice hotel. I do appreciate when Hallmark makes the occasional movie showing off something really cool, like the Rose Parade, or yesterday's maze, or a freaking ice hotel. It takes 2 months to build and the artists get 2 weeks to do whatever they're making. If you want even colder drinks, you can get them on ice! If you needed more ice! I'm very curious as to how the hot flaming stoves don't melt the entire room? (They didn't explain that one.) There is also AN ICE SLIDE. The heroine is all "kid's dream!" going on here. I love the slidecam.
Jenny meets best man Craig and his kid as she's raving about how awesome everything is. He seems charmed by her enthusiasm.
So the bride and groom apparently had plans to fix up the maid of honor and best man, but ah...he's brought a date! Awkward! "This is the most original wedding I've ever been to," says Lana the date, not gonna argue.
Jenny breaks out her laptop and I desperately want to know where the heck she's gonna charge it. I don't see plugs in there. Lana apparently...didn't expect an ice hotel to be cold. OH SWEETIE.
The next morning, Jenny ends up telling a story to Craig's kid, which is cute. Lana brags to all about how she cozied up to the family after his wife died. Jenny is all "Guys, lay off, he's taken and I'm not even going there with that." Later, Lana conveniently gets a cold and the kid gets Jenny to tell more story.
Jenny is psyched to go on a carriage ride! Her coworker is all, "Alone?! Isn't that something you do with...somebody?" GEEZ, DUDE, WAY TO MAKE HER FEEL SHITTY. (Of course she ends up going with Craig anyway, duh.)
It's bro time with the groom and the best man! Groom tries to fish as to what the hell is going on with Lana beyond "she got so excited when she saw the invitation" and "I almost got in trouble with my bride for this whole thing." And Craig is all "hey, were you trying to fix me up with Jenny?" but more subtlelike.
Poor Lana tries to impress by going on the ice slide...and hits a wall. She does better at bursting out into song later on, though.
Do they get Internet in the Ice Hotel? Seriously, how is she doing a Zoom call in there?
Lana just wants to know if Craig is ready to actually date her yet instead of being "just friends." He says nothing. Meanwhile, little Sarah wants Jenny to be her new mother, and that's her magic wish. Jenny is all, uh..... awkward.... Sarah said her dad used to be more fun and so far he isn't more fun with Lana. Oh no, it's the dreaded "I left my laptop open and Lana saw that message I sent about Sarah's wish!" Gawd, that's painfully bad.
Jenny's book is getting published! Maybe all the wishes will come true, says the bride! Uh...don't jump the gun there. Maybe Craig's just confused, Jenny says. I feel ya, Jenny. Craig asks Jenny to go outside and rubs her arms, and Lana sees it. I am....feeling bad for Lana, actually. Craig is indeed confused, and Jenny is all "Please just stop talking, this is excruciating."
Lana decides to pack up and leave in the middle of the night, the night before the wedding. "My intent was to bring you comfort," but he's well, not into it, so we should just move on. "I just don't think it's what Sarah wants." This is painful. Poor girl deserves a guy who's into her. You know what, Hallmark should do what the Bachelor franchise does and give the losing girl her own movie in which she finds romance.
"You assure me I'm not crazy when I'm crazy" should be in everyone's wedding vows, just saying. I love how the groom just jumps ahead on the kissing and the minister is all, "please, it's your day!" Nice wedding!
"It's not the circumstances that bring me joy," Craig says on his previous hedging towards Lana. Craig and Jenny kiss, and the bridge pitches her bouquet at her.

Winter Love Story:
"His performance made me want to read about a talking dragon. And I'm enjoying it."
So Cassie is a new author whose mom is a a famous writer/professor. Cassie is at the same book signing as Elliot, a cute, charming guy who writes books on dragons. Everyone loves him, Cassie is a bit turned off by that, and then things get awkward when Elliot says he was one of her mom's students. Cassie is feeling a wee bit resentful, and THEN... her publisher decides they had chemistry at the book tour, so they are going to be paired together because Elliot is a hit. Cassie is irritated because she wrote a nonfiction "get over a breakup by doing things" book and "Elliot writes NERD novels...I'm sorry." "Successful nerd novels." When Cassie objects, they are all "We could call your mom instead."
I gotta say, I love Elliot? He's nothing but fun. He brings his dog on tour, too. Hopefully she's cute! (Actually...not that cute, but seems nice. One of those rough-and-tumble dogs. Named "Bunjee.") Elliot is bringing the dog to visit his ex-wife since they haven't seen each other in a while. How sweet is he? He also gives her his giant room at the inn when she's complaining that hers is too small. "He has no ego. We're staying here for his dog."
Anyway, I stopped taking too many notes, but these two were adorable together and heck, I like Elliot. He's such fun all the time and he and Cassie are adorable together, especially when they start to fan out about each other.
Much as I hate a tedious Big Mis--she thinks he's not over his ex--when he shows up at her solo book signing, he asks questions from the back and is adorably charming. AWWWWWWWWW. Also, he brought his dog because "she didn't want to miss this."

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