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All The Numbers of Pi

2022-01-05, 9:50 p.m.

I have nothing much to say about work, it was quiet and I was brain dead-ish anyway. Whew.

Rehearsal: continuing to go very well, huzzah. Notable moments:

During mic check...well, I love watching others do mic check because they all start to get really random after awhile. (And also gloating that I don't have to do mic check.) They're supposed to say some of their speaking lines and then do one of their songs, but after awhile people get tired of that, or in some cases they just don't have that many lines to say and yet are told to keep talking. In this case, Arie started quoting every single number of pi. Michael said what I was thinking: "how do we know if he's right?"

Also during mic check: what's Ulla's last name? Schwartz.

Isaiah: "I do all this work on this show and all anyone will see is Nate, because he's hella funny." Me: "Well, at least you get to stick your crotch in a guy's face." Isaiah: "And my mom has to see that."

During "Prisoners of Love" I started crossing my eyes and doing silly shit while making eye contact with Isaiah. He started doing it back. Awesome.

Nate did not have the wig on tonight. Sigh. In other Nate news, he and Scott were talking about how long the overture was at the start of the show and Scott knew exactly from the recording he downloaded off iTunes, and Nate called him "extra" for remembering all that stuff.

Backstage, Other Jennifer was talking about how her husband has a barf phobia after a bout of food poisoning (he won't even eat potluck any more), but when she barfed around him and he was fine, he knew it was true love. Jean (actress) eventually had enough of this topic and said, "How 'bout them Giants?"

During the Bavarian scene, I actually slightly hit Arie when slapping him down when he peeked up my skirt. (I checked, he's fine.) According to him after, he can't even see if anything's up there, and I was all "huh, from my angle it looks like you are WAY up there!" We agreed to try working this out later. He also likes the slap, so yay there :)

I haven't seen this, but I guess Roger and Ulla kiss at the end of Springtime for Hitler (at which point I'm running off) and they are talking about somehow having his Hitler mustache sticker on his mask stick to hers. Double sided tape? Other random thing I noticed: Ulla's in a totally different non-Nazi outfit during the swastika dance--okay, fine, I guess--but um, Michael's also doing it in his Carmen Ghia turtleneck outfit?! Like I knew he was in it for even numbers but he's doing it in character?

Tomorrow Steve will be photographing the whole thing. They still need to fix the theater doors (still say "Scrooge and Marley"), add the opening/closing night signs and fix the Nazi birds. In like 24 hours. Let's see how that goes....hopefully it gets done? I asked about the doors and Steve was all "do you know how to fix that?" (me: "No, but if I did I would,") and then he was all "what about the next time we have to do A Christmas Carol?" and I was all "maybe just stick posters on there?" Who knows. Also, a lot of set doors need to freaking close instead of hanging open, good luck with that. I'm told some are fixed, I've seen some that seem resistant to fixes.

I was trying to time how long things went during the show. I have like a 20 minute break in between "King of Broadway" and "I Wanna Be A Producer" and then around a 15-ish minute break between setting up Roger's place and taking it down again, and then around 10 minutes before "Along Came Bialy." Not bad. I have about 25 minutes of intermission and the opening scene of Act 2 before I'm on and busy again. I never got to timing my last changing break. But hey, getting some crochet done, and reading more "Love Curse" book.

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