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2009-01-06, 9:50 a.m.

Hey, look! Holidailies is over and here's an update anyway! What is the world coming to?!

Okay. I came up with a few minor NYR's.

* Leave ONE weekday after work free in my schedule to go to the gym. Do not cram every single activity in from 5-6-7 p.m., every single day. Especially since I am taking driving lessons right now and that cut my one consistent workout day time. And god knows I flake out on weekends at times. Or go somewhere out of town.

* Make one crochet square every 15 days for 10 months to finish an afghan for 2009. This is partially so I can do one Big Project A Year, and partially to use up my enormous stash. I got a lot of free yarn last month that's of the "one skein per color, rough stuff you don't really want to use on clothes" variety. I liked doing my calendar every month, so I wanted to do something else kinda like that.

I am actually pondering doing maybe one square a week if I find enough 12 inch squares on Ravelry. There's a group that does a square a month to make an afghan, and I joined it, but I don't know if I want to do the square they picked per month every time. (Plus I'm not doing it in the last 2 months because I'm too goddamned busy with present making.)

Actually, I just saw this, which I am now thinking of doing because I bought an advent calendar kit that came in during December and I never got around to making it either.

* Type up my prompt writing from writer's group 2, unless it's total suck, proves I at least wrote something. Perhaps either put it up on Livejournal under a friend cut for the sake of paranoia, or send it in to writer's group. Which I have done for this week 'cause nobody else submitted anything anyway.

* Get my driver's permit um...sometime.

Resolutions I am not making:
(a) Do _________ (so many things I could stick in that blank) every single day. Not gonna happen. Heck, other than the gym thing I'm not going to try "Do _____ once a week" again either, because I don't do that.
(b) Figure out what I'm going to do in life. Clearly not happening.
(c) Do less stuff, or at least don't take on new activities. Because really, am I going to stick with that? The "keep one weekday a week clear for the gym" is going to be hard enough as is. I thought about signing up for 3 classes on Mondays (designated day because I don't have anything booked in perpetuity) already, but the gym class I want to take is from 6:30-7:30 and they all go on during that time.

In other news, I spent the weekend (a) at writer's group meeting, (b) at a book swap meeting I was told about- god, I need to get rid of some books- and (c) cleaning my apartment. It was bad enough to annoy me, and it was a wreck after a month of NaNo, me being gone on three trips, and making gifts. The craft/spare room in particular was littered all over the floor with bags and yarn. So I swapped my closets, picked out clothes to give away, put the dang yarn in cabinets, picked up stuff, etc. Yay.

I also started a crazy idea: I found this very weird...duster...pattern in my stuff when cleaning.

Now, (a) a couple of Nevada City trips ago, I got a peacock mask that can actually go over my glasses. I've always wanted a masquerade mask, but wearing glasses pretty much prevents this.
(b) There is a masquerade ball at the conference in February. (Sadly, last year we didn't even go. I don't know why, maybe we all passed out or something. It's kind of hard to do when you are staying at a house a half hour away and need to get a pickup back and forth to it as well.)

So I'm thinking if we go to the ball this year- a couple more people are bringing cars, so maybe this is more feasible- well, maybe I'll go as a DIY peacock. I saw this and thought, "If I do it in matching colors to the mask, that could be interesting..."

Thus, I grabbed a hook, grabbed various balls of yarn out of the stash, and went for it. I ended up scrapping the first attempt I made at it, which was a good thing considering I was doing it wrong :) It is going better now. But I am still thinking, "Why the hell am I making ANOTHER item when I also want to get the Margaret sweater done by said conference so I can wear it there?"

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