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Rainy Weather Is Scaring Me

2016-01-06, 10:05 p.m.

So we haven't had writer's group in two months. Tonight was the first meeting back.

However: it was dark and POURING ASS RAIN by the time I got home to get my car. As in, I had to take off my heavy rain coat and put on another rain coat because the first one was soaked to the gills. (Don't even get me started on backpack and shoes and pants.) I decided that instead of trying to eat before the meeting, it'd be a total slog and I should start driving now to get there in time.

It was so dark and so wet and even though my car was doing its best to defrost AND it wasn't super fogged up at 5:20 p.m. in the first place, and I eventually had the air conditioning on at full blast to the point where it overreacted and turned on the heat*, the left hand top side of the windshield kept being foggy and refoggy, even after I cleaned it off. Every time I drove under a light I was blinded and couldn't see, and when it was dark it was so dark and wet (and the puddles, yes, we've got some to rival that one in England everyone is watching a webcam about) I couldn't see the damn lines in the street to stay in my lane.

* yeah, I can't explain any of this, yes, the car needs repairs but I didn't think that was one of them.

And this was just driving in my pokey small town. By the time I was about to hit the freeway I was all, "I can't do this. I cannot drive on the damn freeway when I literally CAN'T SEE RIGHT NOW." So I turned around to drive back home, and it was just as heinous as the drive out, and I skidded a bit trying to stop for a red light and I couldn't even see where my street was to drive down it and I missed my street.

Yes, I have recently gotten my eyes checked and they're as fine as they get. IT WAS THAT BAD OUTSIDE.

Anyway, I wanted to sign up for improv again in a few weeks but seriously, I am butt-terrified to drive in shitty rainy winter weather and I don't even wanna leave the house if I don't have to. Hell, my coworkers have been giving me crap for leaving the building at lunch (I have meetings almost every day during then across campus), but at least there's no cars and there's still some sorta daylight.

I do not like being a scaredy cat of the weather--especially when I live in California and most of the other states righteously laugh at me for this when they have snow--but hell, I could have gotten myself killed by being blinded and stoopid and skidding tonight. This is wigging me OUT.

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