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A Stormy Weather Weekend

2019-01-06, 8:47 p.m.

On Friday I went to lunch with my ex-boss, who was still in town on vacation. We talked about Legos, terrible toilets (he has a roommate in SD who flushes her feminine products down the toilet...jeebus christ, who missed out on giving her the “don’t do that” lecture at 12?), how the move is going and how the job is going--he goes to meetings a lot and apparently they are even more backwards than ours when it comes to technology, though in one huge respect it’s better than my job because they don’t insist on doing thousands of people all in one go.

I am going to have to start having every-other-week one on ones with new boss and theoretically she wants to discuss trying to make the job work for me. I asked him if I should actually be honest about this topic (give me all the paperwork but no phones ever would be what I wish I could say) and he said yeah, he talked about it with BigBoss and she sounded fine with that, but her second in command was not so much. He said that the new boss should be motivated to have things work out.

However...let’s just say that should we be down any more people than we currently are in the future...I think this would just not happen. It’s winter, everyone’s sick, I really don’t think there is any hope for this. I would flat out tell me no if I was anyone else, you know?

We had another person leave this week--she is going to go to grad school in Washington DC and her fiance will be looking for work. Dear lord, I feel sorry for her about that timing. Yiiiiiiikes. She said during her speech that she would probably never work in an office like this again and someone (not me, but similar to me) was all "You're lucky." Yeah, she will be lucky if she never has to again! But you never know these days.

Anyway, she worked in a department in our office that I substituted in circa 2011. I applied for a permanent job there and did not get it--I reasonably assume I didn’t have enough experience so I don’t feel super grudgy about it. Anyway, BigBoss’s new thing is to ask one of us to do it at 50% time and get a stipend for a few months. I am debating applying for it but probably won’t because:

(a) what if it pisses new boss off?
(b) odds are pretty low I’d get it anyway (I bet High Horse would be interested)
(c) I swore I would NEVER EVER APPLY IN THIS OFFICE AGAIN, no, seriously
(d) I still probably don’t have enough experience to qualify.

Old boss said to ask new boss for advice on whether or not to do it. I don’t know there.

In other news, I will not be able to talk to my therapist this upcoming week because some social worker came to her mom’s on the opposite coast and now she has to fly over there soon. Whee. Dammit. We briefly talked about whether or not I will probably have to go that far someday with my mom, except Mom doesn’t answer the door so good luck with that.

Oh yeah, and I went to the gym on Friday to find out what was wrong and why my card won’t swipe. Turns out it’s Yet Another Technology Issue because something or other happened and anyone with an “old” account no longer swipes. I am now on a list they will have to check “until it gets fixed.”

I then said, “Oh, so it’ll never be fixed then?” She laughed and said, “You should work here!” I said, “I do work here!”

I didn’t end up doing much this weekend because whopping storm(s) have been going on and I didn’t want to go driving out in it. I would have gone to a train show except I didn’t want the horrible rainstorm to kick in while I was on the freeway. So I only went to the gym on Saturday before the rain kicked in and didn’t end up going out at all on Sunday because it was really bad-- we had two very short power outages and one that lasted about an hour tonight. I discovered that my landline phone (which I only have for power outages/other emergencies at this point) wouldn’t work, BUT the modem has its own backup battery and the laptop was charged enough that I could still be online until the power came on again. That was great, except for the beeping the dang thing made every 10 seconds. Why on earth would you design anything to beep every ten seconds? It’s like my mom’s answering machine, for godsake.

Melinda came over this morning and we talked about the online makerspace thing she wants to start, how she wants to run our businesses online and get some Etsy set up by March (if I figure out what to sell) and things like that. I like this talk but I need to stop freaking out about well, everything. I showed her Alison’s poster and we talked about that with regards to YouTube.

I also had her look at my toilet (“that is REALLY ANNOYING,” she said after it kept going intermittently--though it was “well behaved” today and wasn’t running AS MUCH when she looked at it.). Overall she thinks it’s got a leak/needs replacement/but they never will, but also said that the innards of the tank don’t fit the actual tank size and that’s also an issue, and that I should take off the lid and slightly adjust the mechanism to attempt to make it not run.

So there’s that.

Otherwise I have been watching Runaways and The Librarians and made myself a little Chewbacca from the Star Wars Crochet book, so there’s that.

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