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2021-01-07, 9:06 p.m.

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Another day in which I am cranky and bitchy for 8 hours and drinking chocolate wine afterwards. Though on the good news side, the mail went out after all, so that should get some screamers off my back. Otherwise, we had more workload dumped upon us, I had a higher-up continue to keep asking and asking me stuff about my old specialty, to which I kept trying to tactfully be all LOOK, THAT IS SOMEONE ELSE'S JOB NOW, WHY AREN'T YOU JUST LETTING HIM COVER IT INSTEAD OF CC'ING ME AND ASKING ME REPEATEDLY? Like, I seriously will have nothing to do with that for another 3 weeks, the rest of it is Other People's Territory. And the other guy, to his credit, was actually answering stuff and didn't need me for any of this, so come on.

In other fun news, this is not my circus/monkeys, but I discovered something "fun," and by "fun" I mean "hoooooo boy are the managers NOT GONNA BE HAPPY ABOUT THIS." The CEO of my giant org discontinued a program this season, and clearly someone working for said program is super pissed off about it. Not that I would argue, I think it sucks that that happened. But apparently people get charged some fee for this program and Pissed Off Employee has apparently emailed everyone he can to get people to protest by requesting refunds. I had to go through this giant list to see if anything came up for my job, and I counted 127 of these money requests, frequently citing stuff like "This program started in 1994" (note: our clientele is not this old so clearly someone spouted this to them) and "(name redacted) at (program redacted) said we should ask for refunds."

On the one hand, I am in favor of protest. On the other hand, I am infuriated by wrongly aimed protest. Now, I'm not a manager and I don't deal with financial anything much, bit I am pretty sure our office doesn't get any kind of discretion to give refunds for some default fee we don't have control over. So protesting to US about it is...not really gonna do anything but annoy our management, who has no control over it and a huge workload even before this. I'm thinking, why don't you protest to the CEO? He has a public email address that I'm sure someone has to read if not him. And in these days, you can always bitch him out on social media. Why aren't people doing THAT? He's the one that decided this whole thing. Anyway, for ONCE they can't make me be involved in that particular mess and it's not my issue. But I feel sorry for my boss (who is out for a few days dealing with her kid's medical crap) coming back and seeing THAT. I checked that circa 9 a.m. and I'm sure that list is a lot longer than 127 now.

I would also like to mention How To Work Through A Coup, or "Seriously, how the fuck can you expect me to work like everything's fine and normal these days?!?!"

And that's enough of work bitching. Back to the alcohol. The wine REALLY HELPS.

On politics: I did some complaining to officials today, not that that does much but add a few drops to the bucket. Well, it's nice that there are a lot of drops. I guess some folks are trying to argue for impeachment/25th amendment. I listened to Nancy Pelosi's press conference and thought it was great except I really wanted her to say, "If you don't do the 25th on him we WILL IMPEACH AGAIN, and WE'RE GIVING YOU A 24 HOUR DEADLINE ON THAT." Except, no, because nothing is going to happen. GRRRRRRRRRR.

In other news, I watched another online play tonight, I and You by Lauren Gunderson. I've never seen/read a bad play of hers yet and this is also very good. I ah....well, Zoom Theatre likes to specialize in more depressing plays and after the last one I saw, I was kinda like, how depressing is this one going to be? So I went Googling for the play, read about The Twist Ending....and decided heck with it, it's Lauren Gunderson, it'll still be good. And indeed, it was.

The plot of this is that Caroline, a sick high school senior, is visited by Anthony, another high school kid, saying he volunteered to be her partner on a school project about Walt Whitman and it needs to get done tonight. This sounds a little odd to Caroline because she's not even in school right now, but she goes with it, and the two hang out. Caroline is naturally weird and prickly--well, one would guess that's her natural personality, illness be damned--but Anthony sticks with it, and they start hitting it off and getting closer. It turns out that Anthony's had a traumatic day of his own, as someone he was playing a game with suddenly dropped dead on the court....

I'll leave it there. But it was done well, and I had to restrain myself from asking if any visual glitches they had going on during the show were foreshadowing or not, hah. (It's rather similar to their last show, I gotta say.) Overall, I liked it.

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