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My Apartment Got Flooded AGAIN?!

2011-01-08, 7:52 p.m.

So, in 2004, my apartment got flooded.


I woke up to pee around 5 a.m. and discovered that the bathroom was suddenly very, very soaking wet. Now, the vent above the toilet leaks periodically for no reason that I know of, but other than having a wet toilet in the wee hours of the morning for about an hour, it's not a big deal. Unfortunately, this time the wet hit the carpet. And by now I knew what the fuck that meant.

At 5:30, fuck politeness, I called apartment management. New guy on site (manager #2 this time), to his credit, came over about five minutes later, then went upstairs to turn it the fuck off. He thought the dudes upstairs (who I previously thought were just fine tenants, since I am rarely woken up by anyone having sex these days) weren't there, but apparently they are heavy enough fucking sleepers not to notice that someone's in the house turning off the plumbing.

This time, one of the dumbasses clogged the toilet. ("Don't they have a plunger?!" "They have one...") Don't ask me exactly what the dumbass did that could have flooded THAT BADLY, but I'm sure we've all got pictureseque guesses.

Manager #1 (the one that got to deal with this before) came over and was all, "Hey, it's not NEARLY as bad as last time!" He was actually pretty cheerful about that, comparatively speaking. Less cheerful about the dumbasses upstairs ("they already lied to me.") and was all, "Hey, YOU didn't do anything wrong." Somehow I am not surprised at that lying bit.

Anyway, he was great last time and he was great this time. Said I could just go leave somewhere if I wanted to and have him and whoever else he gets to pack up the stuff, but what with the giant craft mess that is my apartment, I'm not gonna do that to people. The only things I didn't do were move large pieces of furniture and I gave up entirely on the very last bookcase because I was utterly out of boxes. Someone else can bloody well do that one.

So here we went again: calling the guys with the big dryers and the trucks, except this time I was packing out shit while they were doing it (I don't remember doing so last time). This time there is the good news of the water not actually making out to the living room (though it did get into the walls and ceilings of the other rooms, GREAT), so I had the option of hauling out everything into that room. So far I haven't had much stuff ruined besides a whole lotta towels/rugs being soaked and a few items of clothing, though I'm told that some of the furniture probably won't hold up later. The guys working on the place were super nice, the main guy in particular told me he liked working for this complex and definitely wouldn't work for other ones in this town again. Though that guy has also indicated that gee, he thinks it'll take longer and be harder than manager #1 thinks. No surprise there, really.

Also, THEORETICALLY I will only be out for probably around two weeks, which I suspect may translate into a month in repair time. This time one of the guys said this was a "category 4." Out of how many? "Four." I said, "Geez, then last time must have been a fucking category TEN if this is the worst you've ever seen."

This one also flooded the next-door-neighbor's kitchen through the walls, or so I heard. I gather the neighbors speak Korean, so there might have been some language issues there on getting them to let them in.

The best part of the story (since Jess isn't here this time, sigh) is that THIS TIME I freaking learned and got renter's insurance. Wanna know what that's paying for? My entire hotel room stay, THANK FUCKING GOD, because my credit card hasn't come yet. They booked me in for 4 days and then I have to re-up it with the claims adjuster once I get an estimate of how long I'll be out-- right now, of course, they couldn't tell me, wait till Monday morning after the place has dried out, etc.

So I've got enough clothes for two weeks (I hope, but at least most of 'em are dry and hopefully I can find them if I need to go over there), I got the net access to work in the hotel room, Mom did not have to come over here (I debated it, but she was pretty bratty about the whole thing and in the end she didn't want to show up anyway. Then started asking me about my plans for next weekend, LIKE I HAVE ANY CLUE RIGHT NOW?).

Could be worse.

But still, AGAIN? Fucking Towered AGAIN, this early? I knew 2011 was gonna be a zoo, but daaaaaaaaaaang.

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