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This First Week

2017-01-08, 2:26 p.m.

This week:

(a) Work has been pretty fine, I was only somewhat fried one afternoon and one morning I got totally left alone, so that was nice. We did interview panels and really like all the candidates. One in particular is far better at dealing with confrontation and angry people than I will ever, ever be.

We had at least one whopping disaster per day, but they were all provably Not my Fault (basically, some people were supposed to forward me things, told the clients they did, and then they didn't, and there was proof of that), so that was nice. One afternoon my boss got all of the complaint calls instead of me for some reason so he had a not-good day and I restrained myself from saying that's how my day goes all the time. I managed to get all the shit solved and get my phone fixed, so there's that.

(b) I hung out with Dawn watching Gilmore Girls on Tuesday and went over to see Meg, who is in town for the week, Wednesday and Thursday. She got me started on well, pussy cat hatting and we did tarot readings and fun things like that.

(c) This weekend is a Storm Of The Century weekend, or at least the last ten years according to the media. It's a Category 4! Unfortunately for me, I had tickets to see Annie in San Jose on Saturday afternoon, and the thing is only running for three days so rescheduling wasn't an option. So I arranged to take the train and get a ride from Meg and her husband to the station and back.

While Saturday wasn't all that bad, Sunday was the terrible storm that was promised and was pretty damn safe, so there's that. I am now huddling in my apartment until it's all over instead of doing the usual errands/gym/whatnot like I would be doing at home on an idle Sunday. It was scary to have Mom driving me to the station. Giant amounts of water, trucks spraying tons of water in your face, spotted two accidents on the way there. Happily, we all made it home safe.

(d) Annie itself was okay. It was the first musical I saw as a kid, according to my mom, but man, I did not remember that much of it. It's kinda odd. It's a Christmas musical. There's a lot more about the Depression in it--at one point homeless bums sing about Herbert Hoover, Warbucks grumbles about not having as much billions as he used to have and having to shut down factories, and the closing number is singing about the New Deal.

Oh, and while I generally like FDR other than the internment camps thing and the wife cheating (I'm reading "The Wars of the Roosevelts" right now, damn), FDR is a straight up character in this musical and he's so badly done. He literally just spouts platitudes for the first few minutes, he encourages an 11-year-old to hang around a meeting and SING during the meeting and then forces his employees to sing "Tomorrow," and he just kinda hangs around on Christmas morning to tell Annie her parents are dead...SO WEIRD. (Also, if you read the TV Tropes entry on the musical, apparently it's really hilarious that FDR is in it because the creator of the comic strip the musical is based off of despised FDR.)

On the other hand, I found it delightful that Warbucks enlists the FBI and Elliot Ness and J.Edgar Hoover on trying to find Annie's parents, and then debunk the fake parents that show up, and the evil little laugh Warbucks gives when the fakes show up to pick up Annie.

I so prefer the movie, I think.

After that, we attempted to see "Hidden Figures" but that was sold out at both theaters in our area, so never mind. (On the other hand, good for the movie for being sold out! I wouldn't have guessed. I would try again today but...see driving rainstorm.) We ended up going out to dinner and shopping--I bought a CD burning drive and some books and calendars. More than I wanted to at Mom's insistence, but I did find a daily knitting calendar on sale (yes!) and a cool book on crocheted dolls and another one on coincidence and other things like that.

(e) And I should be doing the following right now: job hunting, dishes, knitting pussy hats (though I apparently have a lot less pink yarn around here than I thought I did, surprise), whatever. But here I am writing this and watching Lindsay Ellis videos on the Internet instead. Uh-huh.

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