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2019-01-08, 5:41 p.m.


I got a full 8 hours of sleep (almost nine) after drugging myself up with a sleeping pill at 9:30 and going to bed at 10 the night before. I carried two Mountain Dews into the meeting with me. I still had to stifle TWELVE YAWNS during that 8 a.m. Monday morning meeting.


In related news, another coworker lost sight in one of her eyes and has to have eye surgery next week, so we’re short once again!


Other than not being able to do therapy, today was fine. Not too insane though I did have a few brief moments of rage, which for here is downright miraculous. It was actually fairly quiet for this time of year, which is usually Chaos Junction. Mostly I was dealing with my most exhausting clientele again, i.e. People Who Need It Right Now, Internationally, In One Of The Worst Countries For Mail. Added bonus: BigBoss now has a concussion(!) and can’t sign the Very Important Papers That Are Needed Right Now until probably the end of the month, and one of the internationals was panicking at me. Joy. I managed to get my grandboss to do that instead, so whew.

I was reading a professor’s blog (Mom’s boyfriend’s kid’s professor friend’s blog... how many degrees of separation is this?) and then he linked to the blog of another professor, whose performance I saw a while back. I do not know the lady in person and sadly I can’t think of a good reason to meet her, but reading her blog, well, she sounds fun and we sound like we like a lot of the same things and have attended some of the same shows. But our lives don’t overlap, she sounds quite busy and trying to befriend anyone who doesn’t have some life overlap with me somewhere doesn’t work. When it comes to my friends, either we craft/have the same hobbies/classes together or you’re a friend of a friend. Everyone else sadly never quite seems to stick without that sort of glue going on first. I have a list of people I wish I could be friends with but circumstantially can’t and well, I'm adding another one to the “I wish!” list :P

She blogs about her terrible responses she gets online and honestly, I don’t know how you’d keep dating because I WOULD STAB ALL THE MORONS. I get certain really pretty illiterate e-mails from certain people in my clientele, which is horrifying if you think about it, especially the ones that are supposed to be super smart. I can’t help but think it is worse to get those from dudes who want to shove their dicks in you. This is why I cannot online date, or date at all really. I suspect at this point she must be writing back for her own amusement/to point out that they are dingdongs, because I think I’d be all NOPE to everyone. And these are the local guys in the pool? I can’t even, y’all.

This guy summed it up for everyone: "you might not like my ideal but im sure youd like my dick… Now i mean no disrespect.. We all have needs.. I just think the hostility would be gone if you felt something nice and big in you [sic]”

That, folks, is why guys ignore everything you say right there. All of those objections and differences won’t matter as long as you get a nice deep dicking!

Anyway, apparently she is also a fan of Carrie Fisher and after reading this I wanted to send her a few things.

I tried posting a comment on her blog with the links to those, which did not go through, probably because I had links in there and spammer shit happens when you do that these days and half the time you can’t post a comment if you do that any more. Oh well. I give up. I can’t make that work naturally, so why bother.

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