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2020-01-08, 10:01 p.m.

I am losing my private office at the start of February. *whiiiiiiiiiine* I will be moved back into my first old office with the cat ladies since we are now A Team. We also had a mini-team meeting this morning about all the giant workloads everyone now has to learn (oh joy, can’t wait to do special programs, that’ll be such a delight), which turned into more ranting about international mail and the total roadblocks that are holding up everyone’s progress in life, which somehow turned into Jen’s Mom’s Hoarding Issues. Very appropriate to bring up at work, me. Sheesh.

Hannah was eventually told the doctor is still looking at the MRI results, no ETA of whenever she will find out the news. Sheeeesh. But on the good news side, they figured out a way to keep her employed here longer if they transfer her into another department. I’m confused as to how that worked since they literally did the same thing with GQ but in reverse (from other department to this one) and they still limited him by six months, but...whatever, I guess.

I got a request to make a Pikachu today. Adding that to the list of toys to make others.

Tonight I watched the pilot of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist:

This show is one I’m really looking forward to. For whatever crackassed marketing reason (I strongly suspect this show won’t make it past a first season already, sigh), they have put the pilot online over a month early before the show premieres. I love me some musical episodes, so I was chomping at the bit to watch it.

It reminds me of Eli Stone a lot. Y’all don’t remember that show, but the title character would see people doing musical numbers thanks to a brain aneurysm put in by God to give him visions to change things. I really enjoy that sort of thing. On a similar note, Zoey starts wondering if she’s coming down with her dad’s neurological disease that seems to have given him locked in syndrome* because she has headaches and eyeache***, so she gets an MRI done** and while they play an MRI playlist at her to drown out the noise, an earthquake happens. I was amused that they play “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” during this. But somehow she comes out of it hearing people singing their innermost thoughts.

* they don’t specify which one but I’m getting deja vu even though my dad couldn’t sit up straight like a statue like this guy is doing. His started with balance problems and speech issues, guess what my dad’s did. Though my dad didn’t lose everything nearly as fast as hers did (within six months!!), so I guess there’s....that. And looking online, oh fuck, the show’s creator has lived this. Upon Googling, it’s something different.
** which is now reminding me of my coworker waiting around to see if she has MS or not.... ANOTHER FUN THING here.
*** which in turn is reminding me of Simone Giertz and her brain tumor....

So after she hears her coworker Simon singing “Mad World” in his head, she investigates and finds out his dad committed suicide five months ago. She gets him to open up by blabbing about her dad, and he tells her that her dad’s still alive so she should do whatever she can with him while she still can. And that’s when I started the crying. Because hell, my dad was gone long before he was technically actually gone. I couldn’t even be sad when he died because of that. Zoey even says to her dad that he doesn’t feel like he’s there any more. I hear that.

Given the premise of the show, you can imagine what happens and what made me end up fucking sobbing here.

In other thoughts about the show:
* I like that Unique from Glee has a new gig. Though I was going, “Huh, I think that’s Unique, but somehow he’s sounding like Tituss.....?” (Note: the NBC website is using “him” pronouns, so I’m gonna go with that. Not totally sure what Mo the character is using.)
* I would avoid anyone who sings “All I do is win.” I feel sorry for her working in a bro palace. Like, please do not do this dance break IN MY FACE like that....except it’s imaginary....
* When Simon starts saying he was talking to his fiancee about his pain and she wasn’t really relating because she’s never had any tragedy in her life... oy! Obviously this dude is the designated love interest here so the fiancee’s gonna be disposable sometime, but it still made me go “ow” a bit.
* Seeing her dad’s face as they were wheeling him out to the boat was also a gutwrencher.
* I feel sorry for Peter Gallagher in this role since clearly most of the time he has to just sit there looking like he’s got the vacancy sign up in his brain. (Again, triggering issues there...)
* “Congrats on the promotion. Now I have two female bosses. It’s like I’m working at Goop,” says the “all I do is win” guy as he swings on a fucking swing at work. Seriously, is that shit STILL going on in San Francisco? I know if anyone still had that crap going on it would be there, but I thought the childlike atmosphere at work was O-U-T for anywhere that isn’t Facebook/Google level of huge (or so I hear from Jackie at least).
* Skyler Astin’s new role (Max) isn’t so much different from being on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is it? Except this character is less Greg grumpy.
* It’s a somewhat interesting fact that Zoey was not into music before this so when Max starts to sing she’s all “I don’t think I know this one,” which leads to a surprise....
* “ I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of?” OH FUCKKKK GIRLLLLLLLLLLLL I’d be losing my MIND if I was her picking this up.* Never mind on the “designated love interest,” I guess this is gonna be a love triangle sort of show.

* If this ever comes up at karaoke I will seriously seriously lose my damn mind and maybe just pass out at the table.

Anyway...I’ll continue to watch it, eventually, in February, but this show might just mess me the fuck up a lot instead of being a fun semi-fluff show like I was expecting. Oh well, it’s so obviously a one and done show that you just gotta watch it while it’s here.

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