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2011-01-09, 6:38 p.m.

So, today's activities:

(a) Despite having woken up earlier than the ass crack of dawn the previous day, and this being a weekend, one of the only 2 days a week I'm allowed to sleep, I did not sleep. Ugh.

(b) Realized that since there is no "please do not disturb" option around here, I will not be able to sleep in much because the maid will want to come in and do her job. (And uh, much as I hate to have to go with the stereotype, she didn't speak English.) So I had to get out.

(c) I realized that uh... I didn't pack important stuff like my work ID, or iPod headphones, or hairbrush, or deodorant. UH-OH.

(d) The motel's continental breakfast is quite decent, with yogurt, cereal, bagel and some other stuff as options. The yogurt and the bagel were perfect.

(d) I went over to the apartment to find that stuff, thank goodness. The apartment feels like a giant windy sauna and my glasses fogged up whenever I walked in.

(e) I went to the gym and weightlifting class. Which was kind of painful due to yesterday's weightlifting. Especially the deadlifts, which mimicked all too closely the movements I did yesterday. Ow.

Incidentally, the new instructor does well enough, but she insists on having a catch phrase. Or at least, she said "WORKING HARD!" so many times, randomly (13. Yes, I counted), and it so got on my nerves. Really, weightlifting does not need a catch phrase.

(f) I went back to my apartment, the Air Sauna, and did the laundry. Congratulations, so far any clothes that fell on the floor during the moving process, plus the precious towels, came out okay. Mom can shut up now.

(g) While the laundry was going on, I went to the grocery store and looked around for what few meals I could find that were (a) microwavable, but (b) did not need to be refrigerated. The selection at the hippie grocery store was not great on this. I also got sandwich fixins and made sandwiches to stash in the minifridge. So that wasn't too bad.

(h) Hauled food back and forth, including my Linux laptop, down the street from one place to another. Briefly saw the fixer guy coming in to check on stuff, which made me pleased that he was still looking in.

(i) Attempted to get the Linux laptop to watch a DVD or to go online. It won't do either. Which is really irritating. I like Linux, it saves old computers and makes them usable, it's free... but dear god, if you're not a programmer sort it's the least intuitive thing ever and you can't fix ANYTHING on your own without an expert around. Argh. At this point that computer's just there to do Photoshop on.

(j) Downloaded some tunes, uploaded my latest disaster photos, realized that Windows 7 doesn't play DVD's either. WTF? I attempted to download Windows Media Player, which just would not effing happen. Found another program (VLC media player) that would, so now I am happily watching United States of Tara while typing this. Especially good since the only thing I could find on basic cable was Narnia 2. Why the heck is a fantasy movie that was a good book series so effing dull, anyway?

So, yeah, that was my first day in motelland.

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