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Glee Is Back

2015-01-09, 10:03 p.m.

Today was another one of those sucking you dry days at work. We were short staffed ONCE AGAIN (because it's winter and half the staff can't come to work in winter or stay at work all day) all afternoon. Had to answer the phone and got angry "why did I get billed a late fee" questions (beats me, here is my boss's number, call her), followed by having to work the counter. Which I admittedly agreed to do so I could avoid having to answer phones for 3 hours rather than 1, but the counter was almost neverendingly busy and I was so wrung out by closing time. And then I had to deal with demanding e-mails because nobody can wait for anything and why not send me crap at 4:30 on Friday?

I think everyone has pretty much haaaaaaaaaaaaated the first week back and/or have admitted to wanting to have some kind of meltdown. Just saying. And this wasn't even a really BAD week. Plus I didn't have to wait on the guy who wouldn't go away for 25 minutes.

Anyway: I had my first private EFT/tapping session of the class today, and hoo boy, did I need it. I would have gone home and gotten drunk or something otherwise. Instead I came in there all miserable and ended up crying at one point pretty early on--though weirdly enough, if one busts out sobbing while doing the tapping process, apparently my nose managed to clear up all on its own instead of having to use half the box of Kleenex to stop looking like a snotty mess. Go figure.

Anyway, I felt soooooo much better after doing that stuff. I forgot how well this stuff can really work. Kinda wanted to go tell my shrink all about it, except (a) it's a Friday night and let's hope she's busy doing something more entertaining, and (b) right now as I'm writing this, it's hard to articulate what went on. It's a lot about acceptance of where you are right now and trying to eventually open up to things changing, and processing your shit so that you can move on. I hope this lasts because I have been in the January hell crap pretty bad even for me lately.

In other news, Glee is back! And holy shit, they actually did a good couple of episodes! I admit that I'm a rare diehard on watching it at this point, but frankly, Ryan Murphy (and presumably his other Glee compatriots) tend to be manic and insane with their plotting and the last few seasons I have ah, mostly been watching for the music. But they took the fifth season of Community approach of "get rid of the newbies, bring back the beloved first cast, let's bring back the glee club that got banned," and it was working wonders. Go figure! I actually enjoyed it all. The new headphones guy (Roderick) had an amazing voice, and I was delighted to see a girl singing "Tightrope." Love me some Janelle Monae. To quote from the review I already linked to, "by the end of the hour it commits to its four new characters so strongly I was as moved by the gesture as I was by the dawning realization that I actually like these new kids. What a fantastic choice to air these two episodes together. All the doubts from the premiere fade away (except the one that’s going, “Why the Puck isn’t Santana a regular?”). “Homecoming” launches season six like a cheerleader cannon, but, you know, a good, safe, successful one."

Of course we had to have Rachel sing "Let It Go" because we can't not do that one. (Hm, can we have a mother-daughter duet? Just wondering.) And a lot of old beloved faces (and uh, Sue and Kitty, beats me why Kitty got a cameo of bitchery or got to be the lone remaining ex-newbie who stayed on the show) came back, even if presumably most of them have lives. And Mr. Schue and Blaine are now rival coaches at Carmel and Dalton, which should be fun. Anyway, I was surprisingly impressed, y'all.

It's been a lovely night.

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