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Terrible Work Quotes

2020-01-10, 6:43 p.m.

Don't really see a point in doing separate days here...


Lines from this morning’s staff meeting:

“My new year’s resolution is to not make one.”
“How’s it going?”
“So far, awesome. First time ever.”

“(shitty new HR system that’s made the media a lot for being extremely bad and people are still not getting paid) is making me feel bad at my job.” -BigBoss after announcing that we just can’t hire another supervisor because the system is so fucked and took so long they lost all the applicants. Also, “we have no idea how long anything is going to take.”

Another coworker filled in in the scheduling department, where she discovered that they have to do part of their job in an extremely antiquated way, and started ranting about it. This turns out to be the mandate of The Organization That Rules Our Lives And Hates Our Office, as it turns out!

“You can only hit shock and appall for so long and then you hit apathy.”

“We can only find very small wins.”

More quotes from BigBoss:
“When I came here and saw how behind we were....”
“Lisa’s hyperventilating over here.”
“We just want to prove that we can do something.”
“Things may take a year or more to change.

That said, newswise, they finally got the job listing out for our one opening in this unit. I hope Hannah gets it. We shall see. And we are getting another temp after Hannah gets loophole moved, so I am wishing that one will move in instead of me? I dunno....

January continues to be cold and sucky. I went home home planning to do stuff, and then got tired and went to bed at 8 p.m. after Mom called, all grumbly because Roger didn’t invite her to a football game. (Is Mom into football? Eh....but she wants an invite anyway.) Despite going to bed early, I woke up at midnight and then was up until 3 a.m. and had to get up at 7. What is the point, y’all?


Today’s Yarn Club meeting was fun. I told them about the various gifting drama and things I made while I was away, and the discussion of “what would I get if I had all that in gift certificates?” was fun. Yemi said she’d get fabric rather than yarn and I was all, I can see why, I just don’t get around to sewing much these days.

There was also discussion of “do guys tell their mothers when they have a crush on someone?,” as Yemi asked if his mom has any idea regarding what is going on with me and him when I’m in the store. To which I was all, fuck if I know, but I would assume no because as far as I would guess, guys don’t and would not tell that shit. The other Jennifer in the meeting confirmed this (‘I have a son,”) and then oddly enough, then proceeded to tell a story about how last night she found out about a crush her son had that wasn’t mutual. So....????

Anyway, there’s another thing to be privately mortified about the possibility of! I feel like it’s one thing to talk about it with folks who don’t know him--which is to say, I can actually get words out of my mouth on the topic--but I sure as fuck can’t get words out to anyone who does, him included.

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