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Never Give Me Cooking Tools

2020-01-12, 6:59 p.m.

January continues to suck, as I once again went to bed by 8 after having not gotten anything done. But this time I pretty much slept through the night for twelve hours. Good lord. I actually feel good today though (it’s still cold, but sunny at least), so that’s nice. Just think, a week ago I was actually able to sleep like a normal person....har.

Shit I did today:
(a) Bought stamps
(b) paid off my credit card
(c) Attempted to visit Ashley at the Farmer’s Market, but she was out sick. I told her coworkers to let her know I tried. I did buy a peanut butter cookie at her stand and it was very good.
(d) Visited my old pal Colleen at her FM stand, bought more yarn.
(e) Went to the gym for two hours, so GO ME there. I needed that. I am stir crazy not being able to walk around in the cold and dark in the winter (also with our fun local crime wave going on) and I don’t want to waste my free parking passes just to go to the gym on a weeknight.
(f) Went to Joann’s for the nth time to buy more toymaking supplies (still outta safety eyes though).
(g) Went out to the quilt shop to drop off Scott’s gift. I went in and it was a zoo, apparently they had a class going on or something. His mom(!) spotted me and I passed it off to her.

Seriously, I was hoping I’d just find one of his coworkers and ask them to dump it on his desk, preferably one of the ones I know slightly, rather than “oh heyyyyyyyy, there’s his mom....” (especially after yesterday’s Yarn Club conversation), but there you go. Then I was all, “heading over to the other shop!” and left.

(Deed is done. When I got home, I left my phone in the bedroom all night and stayed out in the living room so as to not wonder, did not hear from him anyway. I presume he was occupied elsewhere.)

(h) Then I went over to the yarn shop and did a lot of note taking, comparing and contrasting as to what to get with all the gift certificates. I didn’t buy yet, I will need to spend some quality time with Ravelry on figuring out what pattern to get to go with whatever yarn I decide to get. The coworker in there, Kimberley, is one of the ones I know slightly (yeah, I was the one with the unicorn horn....) so we chatted about how she also does glass stuff and has renovated a school bus she won in a silent auction into a living space. This sounds AMAZING.

Also, can I once again express my disappoint that somehow putting on wigs or dyeing one’s hair does not have the same effect as Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans? Like seriously, Kimberley doesn’t even know me more than like 5 minutes at a stretch and I got recognized? Darn it!

Since it’s January, Month of Suck, which follows December, In Which I Spend Time At Mom’s Hoarder House, I felt guilty and started the annual purging of the stuff so I don’t become a complete and total hoarder and lose all ability to get rid of anything (which of course, someday I will, it’s in the gene pool).

I then last night cleaning out my kitchen and hallway, specifically purging papers that have piled up for god knows how long, getting rid of kitchen gadgets Mom gave me that I neither use nor have room for, etc. Then I realized that I should go through my yarn stash because if I’m still going to be purging next weekend, I can’t go to the CC because they’ll be closed for the holiday weekend.

When you think about it, it’s totally ridiculous how Mom gifts me with so much cooking stuff because she thinks if I have it, I’ll use it. When in reality I am a person who needs to get rid of the toaster because in all the years I’ve had it, it has literally never ever not once occurred to me that I could make toast for myself at home. I like toast well enough, but I never think about making it or eating it if not in a restaurant where they just hand it to me, or at Meg’s when they ask if I want to toast something, or a bagel joint, same. I don’t buy sliced bread, sometimes I don’t buy any bread at all for months (I bought some today but it was a fancy sourdough loaf), it never happens. It literally does not occur to me to use the fancy toaster oven, because why the hell did I need a second oven to do something the first oven does and I don’t have to find a place to plug it in to? I don’t seem to have the blender around any more (I guess that was a previous purge), but I never once thought, “I should blend something.” The only fancy kitchen gadget I’ve ever used in my life is an apple peeler/corer, which I have three of, but I’m not going to get rid of any of them because the damn things have turned out to be fragile after my original longstanding one finally broke.

Another one of my life fails, y’all. Along with realizing that when I have empty space on my counters, it gives me the heebie-jeebies and I desperately feel the need to cover all of the empty space. I’m such a hoarder myself, I can’t judge my mom, can I? It’s so fucking hard to get rid of so much stuff, even stuff I don’t care about, just the physical labor of it all.

Also, it turns out that it’s a bad idea to start cleaning at night because (a) it’s too cold and dark to start hauling shit out to the dumpster and (b) I ended up piling so many boxes and bags in the hallway I couldn’t get out easily, nor could I start hauling them out to the car.

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