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2004-01-12, 8:19 p.m.

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I ended up signing up for beading class after all. I cut out of work 15 minutes early on signup day on Friday(technically, one is not allowed to take their 15-minute break at 11:45 a.m., but hell, nobody was around to see) to get in line, and was about thirteenth or so. At noon someone came out and announced that they now had online signups for classes, and if you'd like, you could just go back to your office and sign up. And I got to wait in line to hear this? Anyway, I stayed in line because they had a computer lab open. Much to my surprise, hardly any of the classes had been filled up by students- just three. So I checked to see which of the two beading classes offered was taught by Erica from the bead store, and it turned out to be the Monday class, not the Thursday one. Same time though, and much cheaper. Plus online not only did I get an employee discount, I also got an alumni discount! Rock!

So that class, too, starts on the 26th, the same as all my online ones. We shall see how this goes.

I stayed home this weekend because of the package issue- I called the post office and they said they'd hold it for ten business days, plus the weekend. Though as it turned out, Heather giving me a ride out there during their open hours didn't work out, as she was running late. Oh well, my staying home worked out in other ways. Being home meant I got to listen to April Winchell on live streaming radio Friday night. Since when did she split with her husband and get a new boyfriend, that's what I want to know. I also got to watch Joan of Arcadia, which was fucking EXCELLENT. Truly, the writing is just as good as the Mutant Enemy crew. Laughs, tears, and luuuurve. Not to mention lines like "Nice of you to tell my father, the rabbi, to have me spend the night so we can make a gun," and having Kevin yelling about his sexual prowess as his family shows up, and him flashing his boss. I was totally shocked that Adam and Joan actually got together, too. Holy damn. I am so getting all of this show's episodes on DVD when I can. I also worked on my amulet bag, which is now all finished except for the strap, and watched John Mayer's "Any Given Thursday" DVD.

Hill got into town around 2 p.m. on Saturday, and since I was in town, she wanted to hit the mall, just like the good old days. So we hit Evangeline's (favorite bizarre store) and got some stickers/buttons/Happy Bunny merch. I also got a pair of shoes, which look like they may actually not make my feet bleed come the spring. I wanted to order a similar pair online, but these were cheaper, plus no shipping, plus could try them on. Even more happily, I found "Any Given Thursday" in the mall and bought it. I think the saleschick screwed up my buying, but I didn't figure it out till afterwards that she'd only charged me for one of the stickers and charged me $10 for a $15 DVD. Interesting...but hey ;) We went out for dinner and drinks and then went home to watch cheerleading movies.

Ironically, despite my not having traveled this weekend, having gone to bed early both days, what have you, I STILL ended up not sleeping all Sunday night, just like usual. Nothing like always starting out every week with a sleep debt!

Here's another "Jennifer's minor disaster" story for you...

Having given up on trying to get a ride out to the post office, I checked the bus schedule and saw that one bus line went out that far, and was supposed to arrive by 5:20. Okay, fine, I think, I can get on that one, run into the post office, catch the next bus back by 5:40, catch the bus home at 6, no problem!

Hah de fucking hah hah!

For one thing, the A line bus was so packed to the gills I literally couldn't see where the fuck I was supposed to get off. (All I could really see was this skanky girl's tight, chain-belted ass in my face. Yeah, this may be California, but it ain't bare midriff weather either.) So I got off two stops from the actual post office stop because I took a guess...and it was 5:25. Plus there's a big traffic area on that corner.

I did manage to make it into the post office just before they locked the end of a loooong line. And when I finally got the package, it was both huge and, well... the box was falling into itself and apart. Not a good sign, but I didn't have the time to deal with it then, I had to run... and ran outside to see the bus JUST driving by. I was on the far end of town, and the package was way too big to walk around with, so I waited around for another half-hour, and then that bus was just late enough so that I couldn't catch the bus home... I got home at 6:45 with shaking arms for twenty minutes and in a very bad temper, silently cussing Jackie out for frigging mailing a package that required a person to be there when no one was home.

And the kicker, folks? There were two presents in there, a Yukon Cornelius bobblehead doll that was perfectly fine (he's going to work with me) and....a completely smashed glass candleholder. Just smashed to bits. Oy.

Figures, eh? By that point I just had to laugh, you know?

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