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2013-01-12, 6:36 p.m.

My sideways neighbors threw a party last night. It sounded like a shitty one, as I was awoken at 3 a.m. by the sounds of (a) shitty techno, and (b) screaming. I seriously contemplated calling the cops, except I was too much in a sleepy fog to get out of bed and find the computer to look up the cops' number (plus, well, I don't want the neighbors to figure out I did it, which is what stops me from making every noise complaint I dream about making. You never know who's gonna turn out to be psycho about that.). They eventually stopped the techno and screaming by around 4 a.m., but still, argh. What is the appeal of techno, anyway? Have some words in your tunes, dammit.

I most sincerely hope they were unpleasantly awoken too early by the arrival of the Lawn Guys that show up every Saturday, but since I managed to drag my ass out of there before they showed up, I missed that. Then again, avoiding the Lawn Guys and their racket is what frequently drives my ass to a gym on Saturday morning.

Despite the lack of sleep, I got a lot done today. I hit the farmers' market to buy more roving from my favorite lady there, but ended up talking to her for so long that I got to the gym five minutes before the start of class....and it had already filled up. Yeesh. Freaking Try Before You Buy week. I ended up finding one of the few empty machines around and using one, then waiting in line for 45 minutes for the class after that.

So today's driving excursion was to the Fusion International Arts Center. I'd seen listings for their monthly craft fair and thought that I should attend it sometime. I was curious about the place--it kind of sounded like a craft center, except their website is kind of vague as what exactly one does there on a regular basis. I mean, it sounds like cool stuff, but I...well, I figured I would have an easier time figuring that out if I went in person.

Upon actually visiting the place, I'm still not entirely sure what the heck is going on there. Their art gallery areas were excellent--some really big/beautiful art pieces. Their gallery shop looked quite nice and there was a necklace I would have been interested in buying--except I couldn't figure out how the heck one buys anything at it. God knows the place didn't have a register. Heck, they don't really have a front desk area or anyone that was semi-easily identified as someone who could tell you about the place. I found one flier available for pickup, but it seemed to be about some international art program and had nothing to do with this place specifically.

It's basically a giant warehouse space, which made it convenient for craft fairing. And they sell snacks, which is something I wish the Craft Center was allowed to do. (But wah wah wah stupid food company gets to have a monopoly on all food sales here, and won't be arsed to offer food for people on weekends despite there being demand.)

As for the craft fair stuff, they had a fair amount, but nothing I was all that into, alas. I was mostly going because one of my coworkers asked me if I could find her some earrings to match a necklace she got (I later ended up finding a suitable pair at the bead store in my town). But....the only booth I ended up being interested in was the psychic reader. I didn't really think too hard about it--it was more like, "well, the price is right and I drove all the way over here and there's nothing else I want to do and I have hours of car time left, so what the hell."

I found her method of reading to be a little odd. I know everyone's got their own style of doing tarot, but she did two Celtic cross layouts (plus had me draw some extra cards at the end) and then proceeded to not say a darned thing about any of those cards whatsoever. I kept thinking of the "Bullshit" episode about tarot, and even I was all, "So why are you drawing cards when you're not like, saying anything about them?" during that show.

She kept making comments about figuring out the vocabulary, which I eventually figured out was "When I say something, you tell me how that's relevant to you even if you think it's not." Like the first thing out of her mouth was, "Are you in school?" Yes, I know I look like I'm 16, but no. "Going back?" Um, no, no intention of grad school. I think that annoyed her a bit. She asked if I had a husband (hah!) or father that was all domineering and thought I should settle down into a job. Well, years ago.... So right off the bat I was kinda thinking, "yeah, this is starting out vague and general again, same old." But it got a bit better.

She said in 3-6 months you're going to hear about something/get an opportunity that you will finally really be into, and you'll need to know more about it, hence the schooling thing. She made some comments about my doing well at work and how that might annoy some people, so watch out for the grumpy ones. I...well, let's say I could probably picture who she was referring to and how I could probably get on that person's nerves (and to be fair, vice versa). But eh, I am not super concerned with that sort of thing.

Of course she was all, "you should meditate and I offer meditation classes" (I've taken enough, thanks--there's always somebody pimping more meditation classes to take), because everybody says you have to meditate all the time. But this was along the lines of "use this to chill out about freaking out about making life changes when you have no safety net." And the usual "do whatever it is you end up doing part time at first." And....well, whenever I get the career thing sorted out, I can meet someone.

Incidentally, the last time I had a stranger do a tarot reading for me, that last bit was what she said about it: you won't find love until you get a different career. Which annoys me because I am super fucking stumped on what else in life to do, and really, I just wanted to get readings done because fuck if I know what to do for a career! But...let's face it, that's probably true. My current career is not exactly a sexy one in which I meet people around my own age.

So, hmm.

After that, I drove back to my town and went over to L's to check on the cat--she's at yet another conference, took her car, but asked if I could do a look-in on the cat over the weekend since she's got the weekdays covered. Much to my disappointment, her cable refused to let me watch it yet again. (People ask me why I don't have cable TV, and ah...well, it's 95% that I don't want to pay for a ton of channels I won't watch, and 5% that I have a bitch of a time getting anyone's cable TV setup to work. Hers breaks like every time you turn it ON.) I ended up reading a book with the cat instead for an hour, then dropped off the car and hit the bead store and the grocery store so that crap is done for the week. Now I am home watching Archer, keeling over for the rest of the night.

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