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That Went Fairly Well

2017-01-12, 6:30 p.m.

My day at work started out with my coworkers going on about going on antidepressants because of this job (I was thinking, "you're not the first to do that," though that person might be the quickest to start...) and one of them wants to stand up at the next all staff meeting and Say Something about how the PTB know how everyone feels and won't do anything about it.* Said person probably wouldn't be in the instant direct line of firing for doing so, but in all honestly I didn't feel like I could encourage it. Someone else pointed out they'd tried speaking up and...yeah. Anyway, for the moment the person wants to try it, so...good luck to ya.

* I'll be fair: I think it's more like, they have no idea how to handle it, especially if they refuse to take any drastic steps. They're not heartless folks, but they are probably too nice to be true management material when you think about it.

Oh yeah, and someone put up a countdown to retirement: only 12,000+ days to go! I was amused, but also thought, "well, that's being confident that you'll make it here until retirement," which I sure don't think I'll be managing. But that person could probably make it, I think. They don't rub everyone the wrong way like I do.

So that's how that's going....

In other news, I had my interview today. It went well. I managed to answer things. Oddly enough, I had figured they would be asking about things like my (lack of) event planning experience, but they seemed to be more into how much I work with bigshots (not that often). But I managed to give pretty excellent answers, if I do say so myself. So...who knows. They seem like a nice bunch and when I asked about the office culture and what it was like to work for, they sounded pretty positive about it and two of them pointed out that they'd been there a long time for a reason. So that's on the plus side. On the not as great side, it sounds like one of those jobs where you have multiple bosses and multiple departments and a lot of at least just as stressful as my current, I suspect. But no public service bits!

Of course they want second interviews, so...not holding my breath.

Well, it's not under my control. I actually came out of it feeling pretty good/neutral (that neutral bit is nice), but I'm going to assume it's a no-go unless I shockingly hear otherwise. At any rate, I've certainly learned this week that even if you answer questions well and might be the best candidate, you might not get the job. Life is weird.

In other news, this song was on the radio both when I arrived back at work and when I left work. It's an interesting song. What got my ears perked up was this line: "And you don't have to change a thing / The world could change its heart."

It's a nice line. I like it. Though the idea of you not having to change because the world will change its heart...well, either you think, "Good luck with that," or you think of the election.

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