Chaos Attraction

A Lack Of Preparation

2010-01-13, 9:26 a.m.

So....I am team teaching a class on symbols of the tarot with Fey, who recruited me for it because she's not so much into astrology.

Problem A: class started last night.
Problem B: Fey was in freaking Ireland until Sunday.
Problem C: Fey slept throughout Monday.
Problem D: Uh....let's have a meeting about what to do a couple of hours before class starts.
Problem E: Fey is all, "Well, I figured the first night of the class we could all just get to know each other, ask what they want to learn...we don't really have to have a whole lesson plan worked out tonight..."
Problem F: We then proceeded to spend the rest of the meeting talking about porn.

Um, YEAH. THAT WORKED WELL. Turns out that lesson plan discussion just plain doesn't take the entire hour.

I basically ended up having to pull a lecture out of my ass... which was obvious... and people were staring at me very blankly and I felt like an idiot. It probably didn't help either that my version of astrology in tarot boils down to "here's the archetypes in the cards," more than "Hey, look, there's a Venus symbol drawn on the Empress card," which is probably what they were more in for.


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