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Two Extra Days Of Vacation

2016-01-03, 8:42 p.m.

I just love that New Year's was on a Thursday/Friday so that I had the weekend. It was glorious to have a whopping eleven days. Heck, people didn't even take down their decorations in the last few days instead of everything being gone as of 8 a.m. on January 2. For that matter, it was lovely to have a January 2 that wasn't hell on earth. My January 4 will be hell on earth--as will the entire next ten weeks or so--but I had two days of it postponed and it was wonderful.

On Saturday I went out to the Castro for a day-before preview of Downton Abbey--I liked it and it was a hoot to watch with a laughing audience--and we managed to find the place even though it wasn't right next to BART, so there's that. Then we went back to hang out with Lili for a few more hours and watch another Hallmark movie-- a NON-Christmas one, "Love in Paradise." I thought about writing a review but the plot's pretty simple: Luke Perry plays Avery Ford, a NYC orphan who made his name in the "Aim to Please" westerns. But since he's been in NYC his whole life, he's not really a cowboy. He says he got cast because he squints a lot and has a giant forehead that a hat can, really.

Anyhoo, the Paradise Ranch in Montana decides to do a publicity stunt to get more bookings and invite Avery over to the ranch, and his rabid agent accepts before he can say no. He has to buy boots at the airport, he has to borrow a lady's reading glasses, and he falls off a horse in front of cameras because he never learned to ride. Oops. He gets a wee bit of a concussion and the local vet tells him he shouldn't fly for a week, and Avery never learned how to drive either so he's stuck there. Except he starts actually learning The Cowboy Way and decides he doesn't want to leave and flirts around with the hot chick, blah de blah. Pretty simple but amusing in its own way.

Today we did breakfast with Mo--still going well! Mom wonders if they'll go out at as much when I'm gone. Then I eventually did my grocery shopping, got gas, and left, and it took probably an hour and a half to pack it all in and mostly unpack it all out.

Sigh. Look, occasionally I had moments of annoyance with Mom, but overall, it was a pretty lovely vacation and man, it sucks to go home. Vacation really did me some good. I just hope it doesn't all piss away by 10:15 tomorrow....but it probably will. Dear god, I hope I get another job this year so I never have to go through another hellish winter again.

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