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A Really Fun Rehearsal

2018-01-13, 10:31 p.m.

Rehearsal was great today! This is super fun!

* We did warmup to the Hamilton soundtrack! Sam was clearly in that kind of mood because before rehearsal he was tap dancing to it, and he just went straight into it from there. So that was awesome.

* We learned another song to sing, “Rose Golden” by Kid Cudi and Willow Smith. The lady teaching it to us seemed to think it was pretty hard, but it wasn’t really. So far we’ve just done the opening lyrics/chorus to it (sung by Willow, I’m guessing, after listening to the YouTube video). Not sure if we’re doing more of it or not exactly here, but I like the opening, anyway.

* We did a second dance number, choreographed by Sarah, so I think at this point I am in the second act now! I really like this one. It’s to this song, called “Deep Forest.”

* We continued working on the “This Is Me” dance number from yesterday and actually finished doing the whole thing. I really like that one. The chick choreographing it was nitpicking, but not in a way that bothered me. However...there are some folks who are not dancers, and then there are a few folks who are just...I really hate to say it, but kind of limp dishrags? They have no expressions on their faces ever (are they having fun here? can you tell?), they don’t talk ever to anybody, and they’re really stiff and awkward in dance numbers beyond the usual sort of thing you might get from people who never danced before. It’s really odd.

One of them in particular really, really didn’t seem to be getting any of the moves. The choreographer was really drilling us on a particular step and this girl was kinda barely able to shift weight from foot to foot, much less get the move. And the choreographer was saying off and on that anyone who just wasn’t getting this stuff was going to get cut from the number. At one point she gave me big ol’ eye contact and said to me that if I wasn’t getting it she was going to cut me from the number and she was going to find me a buddy to practice with. And I was thinking, geez, if this had been my old dance school I would have kind of understood because I was considered the worst one there (except uh, they never did stuff like that), but honestly, I could not be the worst one in this bunch because while I’m not one one of the obviously favored dancers, I can at least do the moves.... And then I turned around and that particular girl was behind me. Ohhhhhh. I don’t think it’s me. Anyway, so far she says she’s not cutting anyone, so...we’ll see.

We got out by 2, which was convenient for me because it gave me plenty of time to go home and clean up to go out that night. And folks, I made myself look good. I had on my new Christmas velvet outfit on, I managed to style my hair in a gorgeous manner, and I even actually bothered to put on a bit of makeup, which I am way too lazy to do almost all of the time. It was an eat your heart out look. I looked fabulous and I kinda wish I’d bothered to get a picture done of it.

At rehearsal, they were complaining about some people dancing around in their socks (not me) because doing Tom Cruise slides in a dance number is a bad idea, and finally said we should all get jazz shoes. Which I used to have back in the day, except at this point I don’t think I can exactly find them at Mom’s house. I looked around for where various dance supply stores are located and upon finding out there were a couple in the town I was heading to for this show and at least the bigger one was open until six, I decided to leave early and go pick some up on the way over there.

Well, that turned out to be a giant pain in the ass. I don’t know why the hell the GPS went nuts, but instead of directing me to the 1800 block of the very long street the store was on, I don’t know what the hell it thought it was doing. It directed me to go SO far up the street that I was driving around in mountains where there were no stores or anything....and then told me to do a U-turn. And then I drove back down the mountain to store territory again and... then it told me to do another U-turn and go back the way I’d came. WTF? At this point I started to suspect something was funny, and when I finally spotted a sign saying I was on the 2800 block, I was all “fuck this.” I eventually found the joint (and got the shoes), but that took for goddamned ever to find, I swear. Between that and the joys of the GPS also not making it super easy to find the theater parking garage, by the time I finally got there I was Not In A Good Mood.

Mom arrived at the same time I did and was kind of getting on my nerves at the time. She insisted on hiking up to a favorite chain restaurant of hers, only this version of the chain somehow didn’t have any of the dishes that I liked. She wanted to go there because she had coupons for free giant salads (we only bought drinks), which would have been fine and fun except the salads sucked. I don’t know how you mess up chicken, but this joint did it. It was a good thing I wasn’t hungry. As for the dinner conversation, she wasn’t that interested in hearing about rehearsal and yet we still somehow had to keep talking, and at one point she brought up having gotten some long underwear in conversation. Um, whee?

So I was still kind of on edge by the time I got to the theater. And...I am really, really stalling on writing the rest of this entry because I.... well, it’s a good thing nobody is reading this thing at this time of the year and I just keep this thing at this point so I can find where the hell my journals are. I will technically pick up on the most painful journal entry I've written here since I thought I was getting fired tomorrow.

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