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2021-01-13, 7:29 p.m.

Welp, another day of rage all around!

I am getting harassed about yet another Important Document that still hasn't been mailed out. The person who does that stuff usually has been out of the office most days this week and last week. I know the remaining person is backed up. I don't want to nag. But I am getting harassed a lot about it and I can't do shit. I started forwarding all of the complaint emails to them (though it's really the remaining manager since the other one keeps leaving early). I never heard anything about whether or not this ever happened.

I also got a "Hey, y'all could have Googled for that" request. What are Other Giant Org's policies on X? could have Googled for that yourself? Because hell, I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T WORK THERE. I concur their websites were fairly vague and did not answer what they wanted, but that still doesn't mean I know either, since I DON'T WORK THERE. I can't do anything to affect them about this. (It sounded something like, "Hey, X hasn't done her work for GiantOrg, Will this be a problem here?" I dunno, isn't that your decision if you want to somehow excuse her from doing it? It's your department and we don't control GiantOrg or the decisions you make?) I am just baffled at the shit we get.

The stay-at-home order has been closed (or whatever) for our area. We are now BACK at purple tier! Uh....I didn't think we left it, it just had an extra thing to it? We didn't go to Black Tier, did we? Anyway, I don't understand why this happened (the whole ICU thing as a standard has made no sense) and I enjoyed the rant in the comments over here about how every time we loosen restrictions, deaths go up. And nobody enforces anything, so what's the point?

I do not get the "Kamala Harris Vogue Cover" controversy. It's....okay? Not terribly exciting? Like THERE ARE A BILLION OTHER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT BESIDES THIS?

Oh, and speaking of, IMPEACHMENT 2: FUCK YOU BOOGALOO went down today! I spent the workday listening to congresspeople. Probably not going to have any effect, but I'm glad they did it.

Tonight's Viewing:
Bridgerton, Episode 3: The Art of the Swoon (can't make that title up).
My, these people are good at looking pretty at each other. Is this a dream sequence? Of course it is!
Daphne pretty much all but drools watching Simon lick a spoon. We're told that Daphne's rejected several proposals, but...why?
"You must simply marry the man who seems like your dearest friend," says Violet. Daphne scoffs at this because it's 1813.
"Bad Guy" is playing at the ball tonight. Hah. "I felt more chemistry when I was being fitted at the modiste," Daphne says of everyone so far.
OMG THAT IS THE BIGGEST HAIR. (I think I read somewhere it was six wigs?!)
Daphne and Simon are snarking watching a prince compliment all the ladies' gowns in the same way. See, now THAT is cute coupling, right there. Daphne meets Prince Friedrich and SNORT LAUGHS SO BAD when he compliments her gown.
Siena the opera singer fishes for her next sugar daddy. Hey, what about the duke?
Daphne and Anthony don't know how to light a stove. He says what he knows of the duke's personal life and that's why he won't marry...very approximate.
Lady D amuses herself at a art show by watching Benedict run his mouth and then embarrassing him by pointing out that the artist is right here.
Daphne and the prince, part 2: she tells him to go find some other girls! She goes off to briefly hold hands with the duke while talking about art (aww). They come back to watch a feigned swoon in front of the prince, which cracks them both up again. Lady W snarks at the talent of swooning without making a mess of oneself.
The queen is Annoyed that Daphne doesn't seem interested in the prince. CHARM HER, she yells.
Lady F hauls Marina around to see how the poor live. Marina says she's waiting for her fighting man. Lady F says to not count on that one.
Daphne asks Simon about sex. He has to explain masturbation to her. OH DEAR LORD. She looks horrified/confused/maybe turned on? Definitely bug-eyed. Girl should get an acting award just for that scene. Simon struts off. Rode hard, put away wet. Lady D smacks him in the leg later., telling him to fish or cut bait.
Eloise and Benedict sneak out to smoke, and Eloise complains at her lack of freedom, and jealousy of Lady W, and says Benedict can do whatever he wants , so she can live vicariously through him. He asks if she's Lady W (good guess, I'd say) and she's all "If I was, do you think I'd admit it?"
Now, is this show gonna do an orchestral version of "I Touch Myself?" I think it should, but sadly, it does not. Anyway, Daphne's...testing the waters.
The next day, Simon quits the game. She's pissed. He's mean about dumping her and tells her to pick the prince.
Anthony hits on Siena again. How are we supposed to root for this guy next season? He's such an ass. She turns him down. Go, girl.
Marina finally hears from her babydaddy and he disowns, it's Lady F doing a forgery. She is COLD.
Daphne goes after the prince. The art of the fan drop is practiced. Love the queen's purple Marge Simpson high wig.

Episode 4: An Affair Of Honor
Daphne is smug as shit. The Prince gives her a gorgeous necklace....but she wishes Simon was putting it on her. Sigh.
Marina can't turn up her nose at well, anyone. Oh wow, one of the OTHER Featheringtons finally got a suitor! Cute, if allergic.
Everyone goes to a boxing match of Simon's friend Will. This seems like a ... weird thing to bring delicate young ladies to? Oh well, Shakespeare certainly did it.
Uh....Lord F suddenly needs a lot of money. Benedict talks to that artist guy again. Not gonna lie, there's a bit of hormones there. Not that the show is gonna act on it.
Even as a kid, Francesca's never in this show.
The prince is ready to propose! Daphne confesses to her mother that it was all fake with the duke.
Why there are black nobles in this show: because love conquers all and the king went for a black king. Simon disagrees.
Lady W lays it out: don't get caught touching or kissing a dude, or RUIN.
Suddenly uh...whichever Featherington that is and Mr. Finch are adorably geeky over cheese together.
Cressida gives Daphne shit for stealing her man. Benedict goes off to a secret artists' den. Anthony stares at Siena, who scorns him. Phillipa has ALREADY been jilted by Mr. Finch. Lord F told him....something. Guess who doesn't have dowry money.
Eloise accuses a servant of being Lady W and the servant is all "And I thought you were the SMART ONE" LOL.
The prince starts to propose and Daphne basically has a panic attack, runs out of there, and chucks the necklace off. Simon shows up. Prince Friedrich is very nice AND KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS, ahem. Yeah, I hear ya, girl. Simon finally kisses her...and she goes for it back. Damn, that is like, humping in a maze, right there. AND THEN ANTHONY SHOWS UP AND STARTS PUNCHING. He demands immediate marriage, Simon refuses, Anthony wants a duel. "You would rather die than marry me?" That is fucking horrific.
A pissed off Lady F starts going through her husband's stuff, smelling a rotten egg here. Meanwhile, Marina has set her cap for Colin...Penelope's crush. Eloise comes over to tell her her latest Lady W theories and Penelope really can't care right now and says that she (P) HAS to care about marriage. Anthony goes to have one last badonkadonk with Siena, who this time goes for it.
Lady F confronts her husband about gambling away the girls' dowries. Her husband collapses on her crying and she can barely pat his back while making "oh WTF" face.
Daphne DRAMATICALLY INTERRUPTS THE DUEL, on a white horse, which rears up and she falls off. She's fine and ticked off. She tells him that (she figured out) they were seen and she'll be ruined. Why would you do this to me, she asks? Good point. "I can never give you children," he says. She announces their engagement, right there, without so much of an opinion from him. DAMN.

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