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2006-01-14, 10:02 a.m.

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You know what surprises me? It's a holiday weekend. Normally this town is dead empty on a holiday weekend. And yet, wherever I go, there's tons of people. Tons of people were at the gallery opening. The gym is freaking full. And I went to a student film festival last night and that was packed too. (Though maybe that was because they were offering free pie.)

The film festival was a lot of fun. I am a sucker for these things. This group does longer and more quality films, so that was cool.

Alas, only one of the ones I saw last night is online so far, Music Isn't Noise. That one was a protest against the noise ordinance in town, and was pretty funny. For those who don't want to mess with Quicktime, it goes along these lines: "This is Bob. Bob is a musician. He's also a scholar. Bob lives near a construction site and a railroad, both of which make loud noises at 3 or 6 a.m. And yet when Bob has band practice at 4 p.m., he gets busted by the mp3 police?"

Other fun flicks:

* "Where's My Bra?" Best title of the night. Features a dude making sure the girl he has the hots for finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. Best part is the re-enactment of things done with little clay figures. Hilarious.

* "Blind Data." Robot seeks robot in the big city. Complete with retro cardboard box costumes!

* "Breakfast of Champions." Hiliarious. Two guys face off over cereal, with one guy with a snooty accent(mostly) taking the side of the basics like flakes and Cheerios, and the other (mostly) championing the side of the artificially flavored and colored. This is combined with debates as to which cereal mascots are tougher ("Three elves beat one leprechaun.") and lines like "Put that in your bowl and eat it!"

And I also need to mention here that I ran into the erstwhile crush... and I am happy to announce that it is OVER. Because there's nothing like running into a dude WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND, and wearing a bad outfit and scary facial hair to boot, to get someone over that shit. And at least I know why he was acting funny- dude was taken all along, the fucker. As per usual, I sure can pick 'em.

It's so nice to be free of that crap again. What a relief.

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