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2019-01-14, 10:30 p.m.

Number of hours of sleep I got: 9
Number of sleeping pills taken to do this: 1
Time I went to bed: 9:30 (note: actual preferred bedtime in life is usually sometime between 11-12:30)
Number of yawns I had to stifle during the 2 hour 8 a.m. Monday morning meeting: 8.
Number of “seriously, I got 9 hours of sleep and was drinking Mountain Dew and I STILL NEEDED TO YAWN, NOTHING WORKS” conversations I had with a coworker (not boss, thank god) after the meeting: 1

Fun moment of the meeting: finding out that the second in command has a “biker knife that looks like a velociraptor” that she managed to get through airport security.

In other news, I had to mail Urgent Documents to yet another international person that once again, did not fucking show up even though they were mailed to her friend in America who lives in NorCal. I am beyond fucking tired of this shit and had the Bad Feeling about this last week, so I got double the documents produced and saved them on my desk so that when she inevitably said they never showed up, I was all, HERE, JUST HAVE YOUR FRIEND PICK IT UP. I should probably just do that with all of them.

I am really really tired of how it seems like everyone from The Country That Never Gets Mail never ever receives anything. Even when I tell them to mail it to America and they actually give a valid correct address and/or add their friend’s name to it so it won’t be rejected, it disappears. I heard from a girl who had five documents sent to her house--four friends plus her--and only one of them ever showed up. WHERE THE BLEEP ARE THE OTHER FOUR?

I seriously wonder if somehow they were all being mailed to “Matthew MacGuffin” (he gets mail at my house all the time) rather than to Any Obviously International Name, would the damn things show up? Because don’t tell me this shit about how the post office refuses to deliver any mail that isn’t addressed to the person living at their house, because I get mail from at least 3-4 different people who probably haven’t lived here in many years--or in the case of Mr. MacGuffin, ever.

I am attempting to contact The Miracle Company Who Perfectly Ships Internationally, that was recommended to me by the international office. We shall see.

I ran into that girl who is having bullying issues at work again today. Her boss said she doesn’t want her to leave and to let her know when they are making comments. The girl wants to know why nobody seems to be hearing these comments being said out in the open. We discussed whether or not it was worth actually worth trying to report this to her boss and if her boss would actually do anything about it.

Also, she told me she was walking her dog where the shooting happened and ended up running from bullets. She reported it to the police but did not see the shooter and wasn’t hit. She said she was feeling some PTSD flashbacks and was going to go to a therapist tomorrow. Well, at least she didn’t get shot, and we both agreed that after a shooting, it does put our own problems in perspective.

This was some good writing on the topic.

I saw two unicorns today--namely, two guys in unicorn onesies that they wore to their D&D game. I got a picture for my own amusement.

You gotta report a unicorn sighting, folks.

I also saw someone in a bear onesie today, but from a distance and didn’t get a shot of that one.

I had a meeting today with Melanie and Melinda (Mel squared? har) after work to discuss our presumed plans for having a craft co-op/makerespace/YouTube/Etsy business. I have read the Steven Pressfield books about Resistance and freaking out and how the only answer is to turn pro and whatnot and well, I was pretty well inner freaking out during the meeting, and said as much, about the idea of actually doing anything concrete about this. We have a set game plan on what everyone is going to work on and that freaks me out to the point where “don’t scream” was put on my list.

Quote from Melinda: “Future thinking is killing you.”

I am supposed to be working on the following:
(a) what storytelling I am going to do at the Auburn Storytelling Festival open tell at the end of the month
(b) collect writings on my sweaters
(c) figure out how much people sell mosaics for on Etsy
(d) possibly contact someone else (see below)
(e) don’t scream--sit and breathe, don’t self-talk.

This still kind of freaks me out, as does looking up all the business stuff on Etsy tonight.

I also suggested a fourth person for this craft-co-op idea, a fellow at the Craft Center I know who sells flameworking pendants. I know he’s interested in selling and has done it at Whole Earth, I don’t know if he’s doing Etsy or not. But I did find out over the weekend that he set up a board in the glass lab where he is selling pendants on a “honor system, put cash in a box” level. I’m both kind of impressed and kind of sad about this at the same time, I suppose. That said, I bought two pendants--a flower implosion and a rainbow one. I showed them his work and they were quite excited and said I could invite him to the next meeting if I like. I go to the CC again tomorrow, so we’ll see.

I also saw that a storytelling workshop is starting up...around the time Gumbo starts up. I dunno if I can be all “hey, I can’t come to rehearsals for like, most of the first two weeks AND THEN MY SCHED IS TOTES FREE, Y’ALL” if I am doing storytelling + craft center twice a week because my damn class is running into March as well and that’s two nights a week that I am hella booked.


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