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2019-01-15, 10:32 p.m.

I am hoping my mosaic class gets canceled so I don’t have to stress on this time thing for Gumbo, but it has three people and several more weeks to go before being canceled for being short on people (I think it’s a minimum of four to run). Darn it. I guess I shouldn’t say I can teach in winter at all if Gumbo is going to go on. I said I’d teach because I thought it’d be done by mid-February instead of being in the swing of class still when it started.

I did see that fourth fellow I mentioned yesterday (Jed) and he sounds interested in our craft co-op, so I got his contact info and will follow up, and photographed some of his pieces to send on. Apparently others are buying from his DIY box, as there was some commentary about where to pay up and did someone steal the money out of it (nope, Jed got it). So good job on that.

Also, the CC is now doing a swap/sale-type thing every Christmas party season rather than our traditional auction, and apparently enough people want to make it a regular activity. I think we have an audience for this sort of thing if we get it off the ground.

Today was yet another Panic Day at work:
(a) Bad weather
(b) People calling in sick, of course, including one lady calling in with EMERGENCY EYE SURGERY, jeebus.

So New Boss called an emergency meeting at 8:30 a.m. and from previous experience, I know what that means: all hands on deck on phones.
Except very nicely, I was not put on phones! Everyone else covered it and I volunteered to do all the extra typing paperwork for my coworker who partners with Lady With Eye Surgery Lady (no cute name for this), since I worked with her before and know how to do some of her workload and got a refresher from her on how to do other things. So that worked out perfectly.

Oh yeah, and I had a nice talk with the Miracle Shipping Company and they sound so perfect it's shocking. I will be curious to see what the big bosses think when I get this proposal written up.

I also finally got to talk to my therapist today, after a month. WHEW. Her situation with her mom is still bad and she’s still in NYC because they have to get the apartment steam cleaned due to mice, and they have no running water. She did, however, have her say-so to the social worker, so there is that.

She was properly horrified by Mom’s toilet-obsessed behavior and management’s toilet behavior but pretty much agreed with me that continuing to fight with the management is probably not going to get me anywhere. As for Mom, we seriously discussed whether or not I can really do a ban on not staying at her house at all and how that would probably make her go nutterpants if I enacted a loud, open ban on the topic.* She thought that pointing out that I, too, will die if I’m there and she has a house fire that we can’t escape might be the one thing that might work with her. We also discussed how feasible it was to call somebody on her, she wouldn’t let them in, and of course I’d get the shit and blame even if someone else (like her) did it. Whee.

* I suggested that I stay at Roger’s, har har har.

I also saw that professor with the blog, as she briefly was by me while I was on the phone with my shrink, going on about hoarding. Super impressive to overhear, I’m sure.

Today’s shooting news:
(a) We made darn sure the school was guarded from a shooter even if WarnMe didn’t work (sounds like what I heard about the gym).
(b) WarnMe vendor takes responsibility.
(c) The funeral will be a zoo when it comes to parking. Sadly, nothing will be canceled so I can’t go. Unless I want to use vacation time for like four hours to wait in line before it starts + however long it runs, etc. Probably not doing that since I didn't even know her. Mom will be sad to miss hearing about it...until she hears it from Roger who hears it from his son, probably.

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