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Zipcar, Round Seven

2012-01-16, 7:23 p.m.

So, Driving Adventure #7 Challenge: Drive To Vacaville. (Thank god for days off from work and Zipcar not charging weekend prices on a holiday, so I can drive in daylight!) Extra challenge: having my friend Monica, who does not drive, in the car with me.

Actually, that wasn't a challenge because despite the non-driving, she turned out to be an EXCELLENT navigator and didn't even need the instructions most of the time. My mom always swears up and down that you learn driving just by watching, and I've always thought that was crap. Well, apparently Monica...actually learned total navigation from non-driving. I guess it helps to not have someone yelling at you while you're trying to use a map or something.

Anyway, she was awesome at getting me everywhere, and we only had one near moment of death where I found myself almost heading off the wrong ramp and very nearly hitting a car trying to get out of it. DEAR GOD. However, it didn't send me to the usual place of total fear and panic, so that's good. Right? There was also one brief moment when we got into the car and somehow whoever had had it beforehand had managed to yank the parking brake so high up (usually they're what, 3-4 inches high when pulled up? I think it was about 8 inches) and it was so jammed that I very nearly thought I wasn't going to get the damn car to move. But again, it helps to have someone else in the car so I feel less alone and panicked when shit goes wrong. And she is also willing to follow me about wherever if it's on a weekend, so I shall keep that in mind for future practices. Not that I know what I am doing next week or thereafter.

Anyhoo, we went to Joann's, then KFC, then Michael's (where I blew my usual gift certificate from my aunt on yarn again. Though usually I can't get a ride to Michael's to use the thing until like, fall most years, so this was quick), then Joann's again. I really should have gone to Michael's first rather than hitting the first of the stores off the freeway. I have been looking for two specific kinds of yarn, Caron Simply Soft Paints. I made the winter leggings I did last month in this yarn (Tapestry), and I decided that I wanted to make some in Sunset and Oceana. I figure red leggings and blue/purple pretty much covers my wardrobe requirements for "colors that aren't black." This was the yarn I was looking for on the Zipcar, Round Three and didn't find. Well, hell, this time I found them at both stores. I found 2 skeins of Oceana at both stores (I needed about 3, but oh well) and 3 of Sunset. However, at Joann's, I bought the Sunset yarn even though one skein wasn't of the right dye lot (you're supposed to match them) because "eh, I guess I'll fill it in, and I can hardly ever find this brand of yarn anyway." Then I found 2 more Oceana and 3 more Sunset at the next store...but there was enough of Sunset to match it. So I took back the original Sunset and then bought some Rose Garden. And I also got a giant bag of stuffing, and more yarn, and a knitting magazine with an insane pattern in it I'd like to try...

So yeah, fun times. Monica bought even more than I did in fabric and papercrafting stuff.

I also finally talked to her about the LA thing-- yeah, she was the last one I hadn't gotten up the nerve to tell yet. Since she is pondering moving to SoCal herself (Pomona area since her boyfriend goes there), this did not faze her as much. She also is pondering what to do about moving once she finishes her last quarter here. So that went well.

All in all, it was an excellent time. And then I went to the gym for a "cardio party" class, which I normally can't make because it starts right after I get out of work. Between a lack of line on a holiday and not having to completely change wardrobe before I got there, I could go this time, and it was awesome. Plus I can be home to watch "How I Met Your Mother" tonight, even if uh, it ain't my favorite episode ever. (God, I hate Chris Elliot. Dude's just a creeper.) But on the other hand, there's Russian Stripper Lily, so that's not too bad.

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