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I Think About You All The Time

2021-01-16, 7:48 p.m.

Slept in, read in bed, walked around the house, made Saturday omelets, same old, same old these days. And yet... somehow the Lawn Guys never came today! I don't know what happened there (hopefully not virus), but I have to say I really enjoyed the quiet, even if I had headphones at the ready for hours to block out the mowing noises.

I heard from Redhead Sarah today. Well, yesterday she sent me an Aggetsuko game link she found and then today said, "I'm sorry I've been super non-communicative. I'm near shut down and my verbal communication skills are on the fritz. But, I love you tremendously and think about you all the time." Also, "I think about you almost daily dude. You're my friend," followed by a lot of pink hearts. I said that it's awful that we are all restricted to ONLY words these days and if someone has no words, there's no other option, and I keep trying and failing to come up with a solution for that one. I said I miss her, but I don't want to poke her (or anyone) if they do not want poking. She sent a ton of rainbow hearts after that. :)

Other than that, I really didn't have shitola going on all day. Spaced out. Knitted. Tried to figure out my next knitting project after I finish off this big one. I had a very long, kinda dull conversation with Mom while she was trying to do something on the computer and then she'd space out as to what she was talking about (I'd freak out about this being an aging thing, but she's been doing it for decades). She is also feeling angsty about communication with people these days. Which is to say, out of my three cousins, only one of them ever writes back to her. I said they always do that.

On to Hallmark: "How to Fall in Love." I feel like I've seen part of this before, but what the hell. Features Eric Mabius in awkward nerd mode and Brooke D'Orsay, smiling.

Flashback to Harold the nerdboy trying to go on a date. She has brought an entire group along for the date. Sigh. He also has nerd glasses out of the 50's.
Present day (2012): Harold still has the giant nerd glasses and appears to be an accountant. He's not good with socialization. His friend recommends a dating coach. "Oh, this is just embarrassing....It's too weird." And also expensive.
Harold goes to somebody-or-o0ther's birthday the house of the sister of his high school date, Annie. I'm not even sure she remembers him exactly. She does not remember dating him either. She finds him "blah" after the party. She's also not doing well at moving out of her sister's house. Y'know, Brooke D'Orsay usually seems very smiley and glamourous when I see her in Hallmark otherwise, but not in this one. Her sister suggests she get a day job.
The next time we see Annie, she's working at a restaurant Harold is eating in, and she's not having a good first day and her car is dead. "This is my crazy life! Hi! Welcome!" She says it literally can't get any worse, then immediately takes that back. He offers her a ride. She thinks a girlfriend trained him well and he's all nope, I'm so bad my best friend tried to get me a dating coach and she was too pushy. "And I thought I had problems," she says about him. Then her sister kicks her out. While talking to Kathy Najimy, she gets the bright idea to offer herself to Harold as a dating coach because she's dated a million guys. "It's perfect!" Annie reads dating books as research.
"I'm cheaper than a professional," she says when offering Harold her services.
"If you're going to be my lump of clay, I need you to be less of a lump." OY. Of course, she gives him a makeover (contacts, new clothes).. Harold lands a date with the coffee shop chick he's had his eye on and does a trial run date with Kathy Najimy (not sure on character's name). I cannot for the life of me figure out if this lady's extremely random hobbies (collects teeth, raises iguanas, jousts) are true or if she's just making it up for the sake of a fake date. She says she lives in a place the size of a shoe, so where would she put the iguanas? Alas, Harold's actual date is much more adventurous than he is and likes scary movies.
Annie finally finds out from Harold that she was a little shit at age 15. She feels so bad.
Hooooo boy, now we're on to Lesson 6, "Getting Close." Otherwise known as "I strongly suspect Harold is a virgin." Annie kisses Harold. Well, that's certainly full service. "I mean, you did all right," she says, awkwardly.
Annie got a job! In "the city!" Julie and Harold mutually break up for being two very different people!
"Annie, I like my life so much more with you in it." Awwww.

Later I watched the Sacramento Storytelling Guild show, which I did not take notes during, and it was adventure stories anyway. I was mostly quite distracted by almost being done with the hard part of the project I am working on. I did write down a few quotes from Linda's, though:

She talked about bringing a baby and a small child on a camping trip. Someone gave her some pickles and she ate them, and then the baby wouldn't eat....apparently because of the pickles. "I almost starved my baby, that's all right."
Then the other kid nearly headed off a cliff: "Yesterday you starved your kid, today you almost killed your daughter!"
After they got back from the trip, an impromptu party was thrown and the daughter went around sampling from people's wine glasses.
"Starved my son, killed my daughter, brought her home and got her drunk. I win the prize for Mother's Day next year."

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