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2019-01-17, 6:13 p.m.

I had a conversation with a coworker today about the shooting--she called me a good town citizen for going to the candlelight vigil, and we discussed the feasibility of having to use probably like 4 hours of vacation time to try to get into the funeral tomorrow. However, they did send out a link to a livestream of the funeral tomorrow, so I will try to watch that during work or at least listen to it in the background if I have an audience who disapproves of me looking at it. Hopefully they will leave it online afterwards.

After work I was trying to find something downtown (looks like nobody made deliveries of the weekly paper this week) and when I was going back home, I passed by the memorial that’s still in the park, and then saw that there was another one in front of the church by the section of the street where the shooting happened. I went over to look at it--pictures, a decorated shirt, stuffed bears (one was a fire bear, but...I don’t think I would have hung it from the ceiling bar, that did not look so good), a ton of flowers--my nose is dead and even I could smell all of those flowers-- even a handknit blue scarf. That one wasn’t me.

I continued to walk down the street it happened on, I haven’t been over there since it happened. I felt like I was taking some kind of “snoop walk” to investigate the drama. There’s blue ribbons, police flags, blue flowers, etc. decorating the street, along with a few memorial-type things like flowers.

I walked by the house that the shooter lived in. There’s a memorial flower basket and blue light by the door.

Today’s shooting news:

The campus newspaper, a week behind the rest of the world, had some followup articles.

“Instead of sending out some 60,000 messages, it went out with like 10,000 - much less than it was supposed to,” Farrow said. “The good news is, 10,000 people got it. The bad news was the majority of the campus didn’t get it. It just didn’t go out.”

“The ASUCD Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission (ECAC) is receiving national backlash and widespread controversy after a post on the group’s now-deleted Facebook page called out and criticize community members for posts featuring what the commission called “the Blue Lives Matter flag”.... ECAC called the flag “anti-Black and disrespectful.”

So of course death threats are happening and the weekly senate meeting was canceled, which was apparently unconstitutional. There are a lot of people who have a giant hate-on for the current head of ASUCD--I'm not sure what is going on there, but I'm sure that added to it.

There will be a lot of parking issues. A friend of mine is being allowed to work from home because of it.

Vigil in Yuba City recently.

Other cops in other towns will cover us while they all go to the funeral.

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