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Oh, The Irony

2010-01-18, 5:38 p.m.

Two things of note:

(a) Saturday night I found a note on MY door from the (presumably next door on my floor) neighbors asking me to oil MY bed because it's waking them up at 4 a.m. I quickly wrote back, "It's not mine, it's the people above me, they keep me up all night too" and left it on their door.

Oh, the irony. Now it's MY bed? Also, I'm somewhat impressed that they did what I pondered doing, except for the part where one can't really oil a bed. (I still think one cannot, at all, ask broke college students to buy a new bed. And sadly, that's the only solution.)

I did wonder what they did after that. Did they write a note to the appropriate people? Did the upstairs people think I wrote it?

I can't help but think it's not a coincidence that the bed noise isn't usually that bad on a weekend, and they were quiet Saturday morning, but Sunday and Monday mornings has been incredibly noisy. I can't help but suspect pissed-off retribution somehow.

(b) Mom called me today wanting me to do a card reading (after the fact) about what the results of her work review were and whether or not she got a raise. I dug out a couple of decks and well, definitely didn't think she got a raise. I got a lot of "be happy with what you have" and "peace" and "settle" sort of cards. I was pretty much right, she said it was generally good, though they still nitpicked her talking, and of course no raise.

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