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Some Good News Around Here

2011-01-18, 7:34 p.m.

So I went to a Cirque-esque dance performance this weekend, which was awesome. It was in the olde hometowne's spiffy new theater, and got a brand new crowd of people (I'd say 80% of 'em hadn't been there before), and it was nearly sold out. Very impressive for the olde hometowne. It was one of those shows where they dance on large props and was so complicated that you understand why the dancers get injured pretty frequently!

I got to go back to the motel Sunday night (Mom had to work Monday), which led to a very pleasant Monday afternoon in the motel room catching up on Netflix and going to the gym. Very chill.

I also picked up my new Android phone while there, which so far is fun good times. (I already have a Touch, so now I can have all the cool apps on both platforms.) Now I can text like everyone else! And take obnoxious photos with a camera phone on the way to work! Seriously, I saw THIS: Red Bull parachute.

And program new ringtones! Seriously, I am ridiculously proud of my ringtone idea. I made ringtones with various lines from Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and they ring at random. So at any moment, the phone may bust out with "Stop telephoning me! I'm kinda busy!" or "Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station" or some other lovely statement of "GodDAMMIT STOP BUGGING ME," which is how I feel when a phone rings most of the time anyway. Texts get "And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh."

Mom got a custom ring: "Forget You." I can get away with this because she loves the song. I really win at passive-aggression here, don't I? Well, it amuses me, anyway.

And there's good news to finish this one off: insurance has signed off, carpet goes in tomorrow, I may be able to move back in after work! Assuming I can at least get my bed back from wherever it's being stashed, anyway. Manager said he'd look into that. Er, I hope.

I really should be packing tonight, eh? And I think I'll take a vacation day Thursday if this goes through so I can at least clean enough to get to the closet.

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