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Sister Golden Hair

2018-01-18, 10:01 p.m.

Rehearsal 1/17:
We rehearsed "This Is Me" again for a while, which seems to have gotten improvements out of some folks, followed by rehearsing the big creation number again and having to get rearranged onstage now that people are running around with giant flags. Then I got out early. Yay dance rehearsals!

Rehearsal 1/18:
This was another night of rehearsing the Navajo creation story, which...honestly, I’m sorry, but most of this is the dullest part of the show. The ensemble doesn’t do a whole lot in it, but beyond that, the script for it is just literally hard for everyone with lines to say and I feel very sorry for them all blanking/choking on lines/trying to pronounce certain words. I do like the dance bit at one point that has some awesome lifts, but mostly it’s not real fun to rehearse. But this was supposedly the last night we’d only be doing this one and after that we move on to other things, so yay for that. Also I got out early again.

I keep going back and forth on this ex thing like whoa. Yesterday I was all chill and "okay, fine, so he never talks to me again, whatevs, man" and then as of this morning? Back to the usual wackadoo ambiguity craycray. I wish I could just like, pick a side and stick with it already.

As of this afternoon, I heard from him, saying that he is not the most efficient correspondent. This is reminding me of Sister Golden Hair, big time. He said he was heading over here right now to check on his car, but I have rehearsal so there's that. (Erm, not that he asked.) And...."I must have missed you at the awards ceremony?"


So that took a while to think of what the hell to say about it. I decided to go with something like, you were occupied, so was I, it's not like we set up a designated meeting place and there were a lot of people around, shit happens, oh well. Which well, yeah, all of the above is true...if not 100% explanatory at this moment in time. Hell, I'm still having issues explaining to myself--I don't even get my blown fuse brain issues and I already did therapy this week.

I wish I was cooler about this sort of thing. Maybe someday.

Expect another update on all of this in another three weeks from now if he ever has to come over here to deal with the car again and remembers I exist? Because seriously, dude doesn’t seem to recall unless the car is involved. I’m not sure if I should be rooting for it to get repaired or not under those circumstances? :p

It seems like the tarot readings from the other day seem to be kicking in or paying off or something, though...

Oh, dude, he actually wrote back twice in a day! I gather he is one of those "just reads the emails on the phone" people. He said something about he suspected last minute when I said Sunday was clearly not going to work, I have no idea what that's about since I think I said the opposite (i.e. if you want to get together Sunday is about it right now). Also asked where I was in the theater and said he looked really hard but there were a lot of people.

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