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2019-01-18, 6:35 p.m.


On Friday night, I went to the campus comedy club show, which had gotten a room way too small for its audience and I suspect the fire code was being broken, there were so many folks in there. But I’m happy they were popular. I went to a show with Dawn at some point last year and this was better. Heck, I’d say overall it was better than some folks I’ve seen at the Comedy Spot from time to time.

I admit I went because my new local blog crush runs the club and I figured she’d be good when she went on. Indeed she was! She started out with something along the lines of “Everyone have a good week? Well, I didn’t so I feel like doing some bitching.” (Hear, hear.) She mentioned the stuff here--just had a breakup, not in the mood to sign up for online dating once again, and told about this Facebook dude who wouldn’t go away. But she had it framed in the concept of incels and how supposedly women should be bonking these crazy dudes so they won’t shoot people, and given her past, well, no incels have gone berserk where she lived... I didn’t bother to take notes on the show but it was really good. I wanted to yell “hear, hear.” I did not.

I am seriously debating going to see her show at the end of the month, but it’s at 5:30 in Sacramento and that will be agonizing pain to try to get to during rush hour (even worse if it rains) and will require me to leave work early to try to go to it, so I’m still debating. I did see it a few years ago, so....maybe? We’ll see.

Actually, the other folks doing the show were pretty good too. There was even one guy who I think was a Ph.D. (didn’t know non-undergrads were allowed in a school club) who did really well and apparently also performs at the Comedy Spot, albeit in a 10:30 slot. He also made a crack about China, where he’s from, and then said they’d have to remove that from the video so he doesn’t die or something like that. There were some “I just got dumped” stuff but it wasn’t quite so “PLEASE SOMEONE JUST FUCK MEEEEEEEE” like you get at the Spot sometimes, so that’s a plus. One girl straight up did a routine about having her period and being horny during it, so good for her. I wish I had written down more of this, but I thought I’d remember it better than I did. Oh well.

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